How Introverts Can Connect With Others While Travelling

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I’ve been around travel enthusiasts so much that I’ve heard the famous “It’s better to go alone than not to go at all” a dozen times. Sure, travelling is considered a natural medicine for the heart and offers a lot to those who dare to explore new landscapes of the world.

People who enjoy travelling and are prone to booking new tickets at every chance they get usually go on group trips with friends and family.

But wait, what about introverts? Considering their personality traits, they’re already brave enough to embark on a trip. If you consider yourself an introvert and you’re in the process of planning a trip soon, here are 5 helpful tips on how to connect with others.

Say “Yes” To Carpooling

Introverts travelling alone are encouraged to take public transport or walk to their desired destination (if it’s within a walkable distance). What I’d recommend, if you’re an introvert who wants to connect, is carpooling.

Carpooling is a method of transportation in which drivers and travellers willingly travel with each other from point A to point B. This method of travel is especially popular in Europe, and many travellers rely on a website/app that’s specifically made for that purpose.

If you’re interested, it’s BlaBlaCar. And before you ask, no. You won’t have to worry about safety. The drivers on BlaBlaCar and apps with similar purposes all have verified profiles, and you can check their information.

That’ll help you connect with people from the place you’re visiting and save some extra money you’d otherwise spend on some other, expensive, means of transportation.

Keep Your Batteries Charged

As an introvert, your smartphone is your BFF. Nowadays, we rely almost too much on our gadgets to save us from getting lost somewhere, taking the wrong turn, or knowing little to nothing about the place we’re visiting.

They’re also handy when it comes to connecting with other people while travelling. You can install a bunch of apps that’ll make the trip easier, from currency converter apps to apps for travellers to meet up.

My sincere advice would be to keep your phone charged and by your side at all times. Also, if the trip is more adventurous in nature, and you recently invested in a brand new iPhone 14 consider buying wooden iPhone covers for your phone. Wooden phone cases are safer than silicone alternatives in general. 

You gotta keep your virtual assistant safe while you’re on the road!

Have A Drink At The Bar

Is there an interesting bar in the place where you’re staying?

Don’t sleep on it. Instead of lying in bed, dress up and go to the bar. There’s no better way to strike up a convo and connect with someone than over a few drinks. I can guarantee that you’ll have a blast. Even as introverts, after a few drinks, new topics for conversation will just flow. And before you know it, you’ll make a new friend.

Travelling is all about trying out new things, and for introverts, this means connecting with others socially. Consider drinks as a tasty side tool.

Book a Safari

Perhaps the best way for an introvert to connect with others and still absorb all the beauty of the destination is to book a safari.

Here’s why I think it’s a good idea. Saying “Yes” to a safari experience is a great way for an introverted traveller to really get into and study a new culture, wildlife, and exotic environment. The upside is that you’ll enjoy this experience with folks who have the same goals as you.

And as far as I’m aware, safaris are a dream vacation for introverts who are passionate photographers as well. They can enjoy the silence of observing the wildlife and animals in their natural habitats and take a break in comfortable lodges or tented camps – all by themselves. 

And when you feel up for it, you can strike up a conversation with other people during meals, village visits, or hot air balloon rides.

Pick The Right Trip For You

The last thing I want to point out to all introverts planning a trip somewhere is to inform themselves about the trip to the last detail.

The end goal of every trip is not that you come back with 100 pics and videos, but to feel like you’ve accomplished something, experienced something new, and felt comfortable.  You want to feel fulfilled and satisfied when you come back home and to convey at least 1% of the atmosphere you experienced while you were travelling.

To be able to connect with others during your trip and get the full experience, you need to pick the trip that’s 100% right for you. This means getting into the tiniest details of the trip.

Pick the places where you will feel most comfortable, and you’ll see that connecting with others will be as easy as ABC.

Au Revoir, Guys!

Introverts can enjoy their weekend getaways and planned trips as much as someone who enjoys company 24/7. The key is in how you approach these trips.

If you’re introverted and want to connect with other travel enthusiasts, you should try carpooling, keeping your gadgets charged, going to bars, booking a safari, and, most importantly, picking the right trip.

Adventures are the best way to learn!”

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