A Guide to Indonesia’s Most Beautiful Islands

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Did you know there is more to Indonesia’s islands than Bali? Read on for this guide to Indonesia’s most beautiful islands.

There are multiple ways of visiting some of the world’s most exotic destinations, but if Indonesia is your choice, you’ll make the most of it by embarking on a charter cruise. A tailored experience made for you and your needs, and a route that covers some incredibly stunning locations that you’ll absolutely love makes for an unforgettable vacation.

Why Indonesia? Well, the massive archipelago is home to over 18 thousand islands. Among those islands are some true gems that are unlike anything else in the world.  Almost half of them are inhibited. But to make things even better, there is a vast variety of ethnic groups, religions, and cultures. All these make Indonesia a great destination for explorers.

With that in mind, a single trip will only allow you to visit a handful of islands. Therefore, if you want to make the most of it, here’s a guide to some of Indonesia’s most beautiful islands you mustn’t miss. 

Maluku Islands

We’ll get to the “typical” Indonesia destinations in a moment, but we’re kicking things off with the Maluku Islands. This is a place that has a very interesting history. Nicknamed the Spice Islands, they were the only location where you could find nutmeg and clove, for quite some time. This made the islands a point of contention. After Vasco Da Gama’s discovery of the sea route to India many wars emerged in order to get control of the islands. The Dutch were victorious, which allowed them to control the nutmeg trade monopoly.

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And while history is just history, the Maluku Islands also have some of Indonesia’s finest nature and culture. And to make things even better, both nature and culture are absolutely unspoiled. This is thanks to the fact that they are not the most popular and not a lot of tourists visit them. You’ll be able to enjoy architectural remnants of the post-war period, many of which are in great shape. 

We also mustn’t forget to mention the coral life here – it’s incredible. You get great locations for both diving and snorkelling. Whichever is that you prefer, you’ll be able to enjoy and have fun.


First up on this guide to Indonesia’s most beautiful islands is Lombok, a close but better alternative to Bali for some. The reason is simple – not nearly enough tourists visit Lombok, which means it’s a lot calmer and more private. The atmosphere allows for more intimacy and privacy. Not everyone is keen on beaches and streets that are bustling with tourists. Therefore, Lombok is perfect for such people.

The island has a couple of smaller cities, but Mataram is the one you’ll want to head to. Even though it’s comparatively small to other cities, it is one of the most culturally packed cities you’ll ever come across. There are various monuments and temples you can visit. The Taman Narmada complex is the most popular and it offers a glimpse into the religious life of the locals.

But arguably the main reason you need to head to Lombok is the surfing spots. If you’re a beginner, Ekas and Kuta are two excellent surfing spots. They offer the perfect entry into the world of surfing. If, however, you’re a seasoned surfer who knows what he’s doing, Desert Point has breathtaking waves.


And of course, we’ve saved the best for last. Moreover, if you want to experience everything Indonesia has to offer without visiting all 18 thousand islands, head to Bali. There are numerous sandy beaches with incredible coral life. There’s the bustling nightlife that’s unlike anything else in the world, you name it. These are one of the main reasons why the island is absolutely jam-packed with tourists year-round, and why the name Bali is synonymous with Indonesia.

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One of the things that’s great about Bali is that the island is home to Balinese Hinduism. This religion is an amalgamation of religions and customs that existed in Indonesia before the arrival of Islam and the Dutch colonization that followed afterward. And it’s more than just a fact – there are plenty of temples that you can visit and explore. Each and every one of them has a story to offer. It’s not something we can tell you with words – you’ll need to experience it yourself.

A potential problem with Bali is the fact that there are too many tourists. This makes the island a bit chaotic when it comes to getting around. If you’ve got a couple of hours to spend, don’t rent a car – it’s only going to cause you trouble. Instead, rent a scooter, or a tuk-tuk with a driver that knows what they’re doing. This way you’ll be able to get around the island a lot more quickly and efficiently. This is the commonly recommended means of transport across Bali. To see and experience the many beauties scattered throughout Bali you need a tuk-tuk, a long vacation and a positive attitude. 

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