Discovering Houston: 5 Things That Makes You Wanna Visit Today

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Texas isn’t just a place; it’s a wholesome experience. Houston definitely stands true to this feature of Texas. Known for its rich culture, fantastic food, and overall fun-loving lifestyle, this place is a true gem. But why so? 

Houston offers some unique and absolutely fun-filled activities you can’t enjoy anywhere else. From the beautiful Houston beaches to the irresistible diners, all of them will draw you in and keep you hooked. 

And once you know more about this one of a kind city, you won’t be able to stop yourself from booking a ticket. So keep reading to get an insider scoop on everything unique and irresistible that Houston has to offer!

Feel Weightless At Houston Space Center

The tale of this funky town seems incomplete without talking about Johnson Space Center. Yes, NASA’s space center is right here in Houston. The place holds gigantic replicas of all the legendary US spacecraft and machinery. 

You can easily take a walk-through tour of it and understand what astronauts must feel like. From this very place, you can get accurate intel on all the space buzz. After all, this is where most of the spaceflight operations of NASA take place. The site is like a pilgrimage for all astronomy buffs. 

If you are travelling with kids, this might be just the right place to give yourself a break and your children the space adventure they’ve been dreaming about. The legendary building design and countless other activities offered by the Johnson space center will keep your kids hooked and educate them too. 

Live The Energy Of The Minute Maid Park

Minute Maid Park is the famous retractable roof stadium where some of the most memorable sports events in history have taken place. At least one of our favourite games, concerts, and other events have unfolded right here.

For Americans, watching NFL here is like a dream come true. And you can make this dream a reality by just visiting Houston.

Book your tickets and watch a game here if it’s going on. Otherwise, you can also come and walk around the empty stadium. You can also take a detour of similar stadiums like NRG, Toyota, etc. Houston has them all! 

Take A Quick Detour Of The Galveston Island

Houston also is intimately close to some of the finest Texan beaches. Galveston Island waterfront and the park is one of them.

Galveston is one of the loveliest beach cities, with large stretches of water. The island provides a limitless amount of options to enjoy our perfect beach holiday. 

On top of that, the place also comes with gorgeous old buildings, a sandy shoreline, first-rate eateries, and adventurous sporting options.

Paddle Round The Buffalo Bayou Park

Imagine the calming effect a rhythmic stream has over your mind and spirit. Now, imagine the same setting amidst the town. Houston boasts of the slow-moving waters of Buffalo Bayou. So, next time you wanna live this reality, do pay Buffalo Bayou Park a visit.

Buffalo Bayou runs through Houston’s core. You would be surprised to know that the 52-mile river is a local landmark. 

It has played an essential part in shaping Texan history. In 1836, the decisive battle of Texas Independence was fought and won near the bayou’s banks, where it joins the San Jacinto River.

Taste The Downtown Houston Restaurants

The list won’t be complete without mentioning all the mouthwatering eating options you get in downtown Houston. Houston boasts of juicy steak entrees, exquisite platters, meatloaves, and so many other delightful local dishes.

If you end up here, you have to check out the traditional Texan steakhouses selling bacon, ribs, and the famous Texan briskets. And for the healthy eaters, you can try out some fresh salad bar options. 

Check them all out, go on an eating spree, and your trip to the heart of Texas will be truly memorable.


Houston is an embodiment of the lively Texan spirit. It celebrates culture, nature, and modern pleasures at the same time. So pack up and fly to this place ASAP, or you’ll miss out on the vacation of a lifetime.

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