7 Hotel Mattress Hacks for a Great Night Sleep

Traveling is a fantastic experience, whether we’re doing it for pleasure or work. But for some people, even if they love to travel, there may be a downside to it: the unfamiliarity of hotel rooms, where they can’t get a proper rest. Studies have shown that many people find it difficult to fall asleep in a foreign environment, even if it’s a luxurious hotel suite.

Several factors influence the quality of rest in a hotel room: the temperature, the ambient sounds (or the lack of noise), the lights, blankets, pillows, sheets and the mattresses – which can be too hard, too lumpy or too bouncy. Many hotels invest in top quality mattresses, but still, it’s not like sleeping on your own, at home. So what can you do to make the most of your visit? I believe you’ll find the following ideas useful:

Be creative

Put a few objects underneath the mattress if you notice it is sagging. I’m talking about extra pillows and blankets you can get from the hotel or even some of your clothes, if necessary. This ingenious idea will help you get a better sleep.

Ask for assistance

If you think the mattress is too hard for you, ask for extra bed linen and get the assistance of housekeeping to put them on the mattress, bellow your sheets. The bed won’t feel too hard after that.

Pack a pad

One smart thing you can do to make sure you’ll sleep well in any hotel bed is to take a mattress pad with you, preferably made from foam or memory foam, the type that can be rolled up for travel. That way, you’ll just carry your vital comfort with you. A mattress guide will help you find the perfect travel pad, easy to pack, easy to carry, which won’t take a lot of space in your luggage, but will provide the proper rest.

Buy a little bit of comfort

If you don’t have the space to carry a pad with you or you forgot to take one from home, you could do the next best thing: go to the nearest store and buy a foam topper (the “egg carton” type is incredibly cheap). Place it on the mattress, and you will enjoy a tonic sleep. And if you don’t want to take it with you when leaving, just give it to the hotel as a gift – there may be someone else in need of some comfort, one day.


Another interesting and helpful idea would be to request a rollaway bed from the hotel. Take off the lightweight mattress from this one and double it up on your bed. You’ll instantly feel more comfortable, and you’ll plunge into the dreams world in a few minutes.

Make improvements

A useful mattress hack is to ask the hotel for a second duvet and put it between the mattress and the sheets. Many 5 star hotels are already using this trick, and the results are surprising: you will sleep like an angel.

Use your options

If you know you’re prone to back or neck pains after a lousy night sleep, ask the hotel for extra pillows with different levels of firmness. Most hotels do offer such an option, so just call the front desk. Sometimes they even stock extra firm pillows in the closets. Use these pillows to support those parts of your body which need more support and thus you’ll feel well-rested in the morning.


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    Very interesting and useful recommendation! I travel pretty often and had a chance to stay at different accommodations, and I can say that the sleep quality really depends on the mattress. Usually, only hotels provide a person with everything needed for comfort and quality sleep, but the prices may be high. But still, hotels are the best option if you want maximum comfort during your vacation.

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