4 Natural Wonders You Need to See in Brisbane

The state of Queensland, Australia is home to some of the most inspiring and beautiful natural attractions in the world. If you want to see for yourself, you may want to book yourself a trip to Brisbane, the capital of Queensland and gateway to one of the most interesting regions on the globe.

The good news is that Brisbane is a modern city with the amenities and tourism infrastructure to support your jetsetting and exploring. The better news is that flights to Brisbane are plentiful and plenty affordable on sites like Expedia. What is there to see and do when you arrive? Here are some can’t-miss features to include to make your trip to Brisbane unforgettable.

Mt. Glorious

First up on this list of natural wonders in Brisbane is Mt. Glorious which offers great day hikes in a lush jungle environment. It is less than an hour from Brisbane, and it is definitely worth the short drive. Make sure to pack a picnic lunch so you can stop at Jolly’s Lookout and take in the scenery before continuing on to Mt. Glorious.

When you have reached the charming mountain village of Mt. Nebo, you are only twenty minutes away! Your proper arrival will be marked by a few cafes- a perfect spot to fuel up before hitting the trails.

Mt. Glorious has two popular trails: The Rainforest circuit is a 2km easy hike that will introduce you to the many species of trees and other flora that are native to the area. The Greene Falls trail is 4km and will take walkers to a cypress grove and gorgeous waterfall. Walking shoes required, binoculars for birding encouraged!

Tour of Springbrook National Park

A walkabout at Springbrook is on every outdoors-oriented traveller’s to-do list. Book with Bushwacker Ecotours and they will take care of all the logistics, including picking you up from the airport and chauffeuring you to Springbrook (approximately an hour away). You will set out on a guided tour of the subtropical Gondwana rainforest with a knowledgeable ranger, and hike to a number of crystal clear waterfalls.

Feel free to jump in these natural freshwater pools! Rest for a picnic in the shadow of the imposing Purlingbrook waterfall before trekking through an Antarctic beech forest with trees that are an unbelievable 2000 years old. Seasoned birders, ask your guide about recent sightings of Coxen’s fig-parrot and Albert’s lyrebird. Both extremely rare birds have been spotted in the area!

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Next up on this list of natural wonders in Brisbane is Lone Pine, one of the areas top attractions. This internationally recognized sanctuary will get you face-to-face with over 100 species of Australian wildlife. Don’t forget your binoculars for birding!

Have you ever wanted to hold a koala? Time to make that happen. Have you hand-fed a kangaroo or wallaby before? Now is your chance! The platypus is undoubtedly one of the world’s strangest creatures. Get up close and personal with one and learn more about their fascinating biology! You will even see dingos and feed the lorikeets!

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is truly a unique and unrivalled experience for children and adults alike and is surprisingly affordable. Entry for adults is 36 AUD and just 22 AUD for children under 13.

Moreton Island

Last up on this list of natural wonders in Brisbane is for the adrenaline junkie – Moreton Island. Transportation is quick and easy from Brisbane to Moreton, which is the third-largest sand island in the world. There are no cars or paved roads, so hop on your ATV and traverse the sandy trail to the “desert” inland where you will try your hand at sandboarding.

Get ready! You can easily reach 50km per hour on a sandboard, but your experienced guides will go over all the proper safety procedures. Everyone from beginner to experienced border will have a blast at this outrageous sport. Have you worked up a sweat yet? Time to jump in the water!

Moreton Island is the final resting place of 15 submerged shipwrecks, and you can explore these relics of the past just 50m from shore and marvel at the colourful sea life that has adopted these wrecks as home.

Not a snorkelling fan? Observe the shipwrecks from above on a breezy kayak! You can relax and take in the sunset on your ferry ride back to Brisbane at the end of the day. For a full day on Moreton with an established and reputable tour company, expect to pay 120-130AUD


Most of us instantly think of metropolitan Sydney or the middle of the rugged outback as what we associate with Australia. Brisbane offers the best of both worlds. You can enjoy modern shopping, restaurants, and attractions in the city and still set out for some adventures in the bush!

Queensland is quickly becoming recognized for its biodiversity, natural beauty, and ease of travel. The only question is, what attraction do you want to visit first?

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