150 Very Canadian Ways to Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday (Part 2)

51) Visit a Winery

Yup. Canada has some great vineyards on Vancouver Island, in the Niagra region, and in the Okanagan region of British Columbia.

52) Dig up Some Dino Bones

Hoodoos and Hoodonts 7

Millions of years ago dinosaurs ruled what is now Canada. There is no better place to experience this than the badlands of Drumheller, Alberta.

53) Walk Across the Country

The Trans-Canada Trail will be the longest walking trail in the world once completed and connected.

54) Eat a Smoked Meat Sandwich in Montréal


55) Build an Igloo

It’s cozier than it looks!

56) Eat your way around Granville Island

Switching to Manual - Olympus e-pl5 Camera Review 5

Foodie paradise in Canada’s foodie capital.

57) Go Snowmobiling

It’s a way to commute in some northern communities!

58) Say Hi to the Many Faces on a Totem Pole 

All along the west coast, you can find many of these amazing monumental sculptures. I was lucky enough to see the world’s tallest in Alert Bay but would love to visit Haida Gwaii where you can actually see them being built!

59) Go Glamping

Glamorous camping? It’s a thing.

60) Watch the Grey Cup

via Flickr CC @Geoff S

58 years older than the Superbowl! Canada’s football league has been around since 1909 and is even featured on our currency!

61) Watch the Musical Ride

Mounties on horses, like they were meant to be.

62) Catch a Big Fish

Like a really big fish.

63) Skate on a Frozen Lake

64) Eat Maple Syrup in Snow

via Flickr CC @Sheila Scarborough

So good.

65) Kayak with Orca’s

66) Buy a Cowichan

Canada’s coziest sweater?

67) Go for a Paddle

Anywhere really.

68) Fill your Prescription

Free drugs! And no, they are not Smarties.

69) See The Great Caribou Migration

One of the largest migrations in the world and a sight to see.

70) Eat a Buttertart

via Flickr CC @

These tasty Canadian treats are anything but tart. Just ask your teeth after your first bite.

71) Watch Letterkenny

Hilariously Canadian.

72) Listen to Drake, Bieber, Celine Dion, Bryan Adams…anything but Nickleback

73) Buy a Hudson’s Bay Blanket

Iconic and cozy!

74) Fly in Plane with Skis

75) Build a Snowman

76) Eat Canadian Bacon

via Flickr CC @m01229

77) Drink Strong Beer

Our beer is stronger, on average, than in the USA…and better.

78) Golf Under the Midnight Sun

via @yellowknifegolf.com

Where else can you tee off at midnight, hit from an astroturf mat you carry around because there is no fairway, and not be penalized if a raven steals your ball??

79) Play Crokicurl

via @WinnipegFreePress

It’s what you get when you mashup the iconic Canadian board game Crokinole and Curling. Currently only happening in Winnipeg but I imagine it will spread!

80) Nap on a Boat

If there is a better napping spot, I haven’t found it.

81) Take off Eh?

via Canadianfilmday.ca

Canada’s original hoser’s.

82) Build a Snow Fort

via Flick CC @GoToVan

…or castle.

83) Skate to Work

Ottawa’s Rideau Canal transforms into a skating freeway come winter.

84) Visit Peggy’s Cove

Iconic East Coast location with plenty to see and do. Also, sunsets here are stunning.

85) Eat a Beavertail

via Flickr CC @Michel Rathwell

Flat pastry served with a variety of sweet toppings.

86) Wear Flannel Plaid

via Flickr CC @Tradlands

Canadian casual.

87) Watch The Raccoons

via The Racoons Wiki

Canada’s cartoon classic!

88) Drink Swiss Chalet Sauce

via Food.com

Canadian rotisserie chicken chain that serves up a dipping sauce that is loved by many.

89) Go to a Rodeo

Calgary Stampede, dubbed “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth,” is also one helluva rodeo.

90) Snowboard in your Underwear

Springtime on the Canadian slopes brings out the bravest.

91) Eat a Teen Burger

via Sudbury.com

A&W Canada is independent of its US company and serves up some unique Canadian eats. Side of poutine anyone?

92) Drink Ice Wine

Canada’s cold climate makes for sweeter grapes.

93) Drive on a Glacier

via @brewster.ca

…before it’s too late.

94) Visit Canada’s Wonderland

Canada’s favourite theme park.

95) Marvel at how Blue Moraine Lake is

via flickr CC @Kimberly Vardeman

96) Make Kraft Dinner

via Flickr CC @Andrew Dobrow

Canadians consume more Kraft Dinner (KD) per capita than any other country.

97) Drive a Zamboni

98) Visit West Edmonton Mall

via wem.ca

Once the world’s largest shopping mall, West Ed boasts an ice rink, amusement park, aquarium, water park, submarines and a pirate ship (?), a theme hotel, and many shops and restaurants to keep you busy.

99) Drive on an Ice Road

via Flickr CC @Nonac_Digi

These seasonal highways are vital to connecting Canadian communities and mines. It is also where I learned to drive.

100) Dress like Don Cherry

Hockey Night in Canada’s opinionated co-host and the most fashion-forward 80-year-old+ you will ever know.


Very Canadian Things to do for Canada's 150th

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