An Ultimate Guide to United Airlines Companion Pass

The United Airlines Companion Pass is one of the best deals you can use to travel cheaply all over the world. Although it is not suitable for everyone, if you are a travel geek like us, then the companion pass can be of great value for you.

Let’s learn what exactly is a United Airlines companion pass, what are the methods to get one, and how to use it.

What is The United Airlines Companion Pass?

The United Airlines Companion Pass is a type of award after you fulfil some criteria set by the airline company.

It provides one of the best benefits of any airline loyalty program. With the help of the companion pass, a passenger can book an additional ticket till the pass is valid.

There are no limits to the usage of the companion pass. The pass holder can book a ticket for the second passenger on the same flight either through their official website or any online booking site.

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Why Everyone Wants a Companion Pass?

The reason is simple; it allows you to have a companion with you every time you fly, for free. You have just to pay the additional taxes.

If you buy the tickets when the sale is going on, then you can get it even cheaper. The airfares can be as low as $45, as the redemptions points are also lower during the sale.

If you and your companion can fly at such a low price, then it can be considered a fantastic deal.

Just look at some of the destinations where the United Airlines flies to, and pick the one to enjoy a wonderful trip.

Where Does United Airlines Fly?

United Airlines is one of the best airlines in the United States. It flies to more than 200 domestic and 108 international destinations in more than seventy-three countries.

Some of the popular international destinations include Europe, Asia, Oceania, and many more.

The airlines provide inflight entertainment, and free Wi-Fi, and the seats are also very comfortable.

It also runs a loyalty program known as MileagePlus in which they provide points to the passengers depending upon the miles they travel with the airline.

The Process to get a United Airlines Companion Pass

United Airlines Companion Pass

There are two ways you can get the companion pass:

  • Fly in more than hundred one-way flights
  • Earn more than 110,000 points in twelve months

If you are able to earn the companion pass, it is valid until the end of the calendar year. For example, if you earn your pass in February, you can use the pass for the next two years, but if you earn the pass in November, you will have only one year to use it.

Therefore, timing is the most crucial part of your pass. The earlier you get the pass, the more time you get to use it.

After Getting Your Companion Pass

First of all, congratulations, if you got your United Airlines companion pass after following the methods discussed above.

The next step is to take advantage of the pass and book some free trips.

You would be required to choose your official companion before booking any flights. United Airlines allows you to choose only one person as your companion at any given time. However, you can change your companion three times in a year.

For selecting the first companion is the easiest. You can do this by filling the details of the companion on the airline’s website.

While booking the flights, you have only to pay the taxes for your companion.

If you want to change your companion, then there’s a little bit more work. Firstly, you need to cancel the tickets of the first companion if they are scheduled to fly with you.

Later, you need to contact the customer support of United Airlines for changing the companion. Once everything gets processed, you can fly with your new companion.

If you need to change your companion again, all you need to do is repeat the above process. Cancel the schedule tickets, call the customer care, and verify the details.

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Using Your Companion Pass

The process to use the companion pass is very straightforward.

First, book your ticket from an online booking site either through cash, credit card or points. Once your ticket is confirmed, and you get your United Airlines boarding pass, add your companion by calling customer support or directly from the official website.

If you add through the website, you will get an option to add your companion below the flight information. Then, fill in the required details and click on the submit button.

If you want to add it by phone, then call customer support and inform them that you want to add your companion on the same flight.

You can add your companion until there is one seat available on the flight. Even if the prices of the tickets rise, you can still add them just by paying for the taxes.

Here are some of the rules you need to follow for Companion Pass travel:

  • You must book the tickets for your companion on the same flight you are travelling.
  • If you change your plane, then you need to also change for the companion.
  • If your tickets get cancelled, your companion’s ticket will also get cancelled.
  • The companion ticket is a free ticket; therefore you cannot add another companion at the same time.


What is the United Airlines Companion Pass?

The United Airlines Companion Pass allows you to take a person with you on the same flight you booked the tickets. You don’t need to pay the airfare for the second person, just the taxes and fees.

How can I get a United Airlines Companion Pass?

You can earn a United Airlines Companion Pass if you complete 100 one-way flights or get 110,000 points in a single calendar year.

How long is the United Airlines Companion Pass valid?

The United Airlines Companion Pass is valid for the entire remaining calendar year.

How can I remove the details of the existing companion and add a new one?

You can alter your companion only thrice every twelve months. To change the companion, call the customer support of United Airlines or visit their official website.

What is the overall value of the United Airlines companion pass?

The value of the pass increase if it is used frequently. If you use the pass just once for a $100 flight, its value will be the same. If you use it for ten flights, its value will be ten times more.

Am I allowed to change my flight on a United Airlines companion booking?

Yes, you can change your flight, but you need to remember that, your companion’s flight also needs to be changed to the same flight as you.

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Final Words

If you are a solo traveller, who does not like to travel with someone, then the companion pass is not for you.

Similarly, if you mostly travel to Europe, Africa, and Asia, then you might not get the benefits of the companion pass.

However, if you travel in the US and its neighbouring countries, and always have someone with you while travelling, then the United Airlines companion pass would be a great deal for you.

It does not matter whether you pay through cash, credit card, or points, you would always get a companion to travel with at a single ticket price.

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