Touring the Baltics in Style – Lux Express Review

Lux Express Review - Touring the Baltics in Bus?

While hopping my way through Europe I found that flying was almost always cheaper than taking the train. $20 to Norway? $15 dollars to Rome? Yes, please. To be fair, our bags were usually more expensive than our tickets but a bargain nonetheless. Although I have enjoyed taking the bus from YVR to SeaTac with QuickShuttle, travelling by bus is never my first choice…that is until I got to the Baltics and came across Lux Express. Read on for why in this Lux Express review.

What is Lux Express?

Lux Express is a discount bus line (if there is such a thing) that has some serious perks. With Vilnius, Riga, and Estonia well connected by highways and all about 3 hours apart, I looked into driving. Then I came across Lux Express and the incredible value it offers.

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Lux Express Review
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All this?

I looked at buses from Vilnius to Riga and was sold on the low fares. Then I read what came with the service:

Seriously. Free WiFi, hot drinks, comfy seats, AND in-seat entertainment?  Although getting a hot beverage while barreling down a highway is comical, to say the least, you can see where I stand on this Lux Express review. This before I realised it gets even better.

And more?!

I then noticed the Lux Express Lounge, the carriers “1st class” service. For a few extra Euros we got access to bigger seats, a workspace, and snacks. That’s an incredible value and a great way to travel. Never before have I categorised a post as both “Budget Travel” and “Luxury Travel” but that is exactly what this Lux Express review is all about. A pretty great mix don’t you think?

Lux Express Review
Lux Express Review
Lux Express Review
Lux Express Review
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Lux Express Review – Treat yo self.

If you find yourself touring the Baltics (and you should) take Lux Express. It’s a convenient and comfortable way to tour this great area in Europe and is really, really cheap. Also, treat yourself and spend the extra few Euros for the Lux Express lounge upgrade. You will not be disappointed.

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Lux Express Review - Touring the Baltics in Bus?

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