Tips for Serious Travellers

The great outdoors. It’s called that for a reason. It’s not called the pretty dull outdoors or the mediocre outdoors. Nor is it the exciting-sometimes-but-mostly-sort-of-OK outdoors. The title is hard-earned. Out there, you’ll find mountains and oceans, architecture and caves, people who think like you, and people who don’t. It’s a wild ride. Knowing how to handle yourself out there can help you make the most of your travels. After all, travel isn’t cheap, and you’ll need to plan your journey in advance, so there’s a lot of expectation riding on this thing – you don’t want to waste a minute. 

We’re going to look at some top travel tips for serious travellers, but first, some housekeeping. Always carry the number of your embassy (in case of lost or stolen documents) and always know where to turn if you suffer a personal injury or car accident etc. If you are in Florida, for example, there is a car accident lawyer around Tampa that you can speak to. 

Money Matters 

First up on this list of travel tips for serious travellers is all about getting the most bang for your buck. Check out the exchange rates from competitors and research the rates you’ll get simply by using the ATM when you arrive. There’s another thing to consider, too. Your bank may flag that your account is in use on foreign soil, which will escalate the case to the fraud department for further investigation. If you have contacted your bank in advance to advise them of your travel plans, the fraud team will see the note on your account and all will be well. If you fail to notify your bank, your account can freeze. This is extraordinarily inconvenient to sort out.

Cheap Travel

For some people, the journey to the destination is part of the thrill. Be it a cross country train ride with a dining car, or a flight that flirts with the Northern Lights, this part of the journey may be worth the extra cost. For most people, however, cheap travel is the best travel. Keep an eye on the various carriers’ schedule related announcements over routes – booking early will guarantee the cheapest tickets. 

Research your Accommodation

Last up on this list of travel tips for serious travellers is about knowing about your accommodations. Does your hotel or hostel offer certain desired facilities? Perhaps you want room service, or a pool, or a safe in your room, or simply the promise of a personal bathroom? Arriving to discover you are sharing your room (and toilet) with a group of students on some sort of drunken adventure will ruin your experience before it’s begun.

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