How to Tick Off that Summer Bucket List on a Budget

Summer is all about getting out there and exploring the world when you don’t have as much on at school or work. Of course, if you are on a budget then you might struggle to find things to do in the summer. The good news is that there are plenty of things that can be done on a budget and we are going to tell you what some of these are. Keep reading to hear what made our summer budget list for those on a budget.

Learn Something New

When you are busy with work or school, it can be hard to find time to learn something new. Why not spend this summer learning something online for free? You could use an app like Duolingo to learn a new language or pick up some coding skills using online tutorials. This is the perfect way to spend your summer and when it is over, you’ll have more skills for when you are travelling.

Road Trips

Have you ever wanted to head off on a road trip? This is a great way to explore somewhere in a neighbouring state without breaking the bank. For this bucket list activity, you’ll need a car that is perfect for road trips. We suggest that you check out the Mazda CX-5 which will come with a navigation system and a sunroof providing you with the perfect road trip experience.


A great way to get outside and do something fun without spending too much money is to have a picnic. You can have a picnic at the beach, at the park and in many other locations. All you need are some homemade sandwiches; some drinks and friends and you will have a great time.

Outdoor Sleepover

If you really want to have the best summer on a budget, then why not add an outdoor sleepover to your bucket list? This is perfect for those who live in a place that has warm nights as you can sit out in your garden with your friends and look at the stars. As long as you have sleeping bags, snacks and some games to play, your outdoor sleepover will be great.

Technology Detox

The final thing to make our summer bucket list on a budget is a digital detox. We spend far too many hours a day looking at our mobile devices and this can have a negative effect on our health. Consider spending at least one day in your summer with your phone switched off and you will feel much better for it once it is over. Make sure to try this if you are travelling!

Final Verdict

If you want to have a summer filled with fun but can’t quite afford it then you should make sure to try out some of our bucket list ideas. You will love having an outdoor sleepover or heading off on a road trip with your friends or family. There are some great ideas on this list so make sure to give them a try.

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