KeepGo International SIM Review – Connected #RTW

KeepGo International SIM Review - Connected #RTW 2

KeepGo SIM Card Review – Connected #RTW 

On my latest trip around the world I was very fortunate to have one helluva travel partner with me. No, I’m not talking about my girlfriend – although with my bad back she really was my own personal Sherpa. I’m talking about KeepGo, the international SIM card with some serious reach. Even though my KeepGo international SIM card didn’t haul my backpack through the confusing streets of Sochi at 5 in the morning, it kept me connected to my audience and allowed me share that moment of hilarity with the world. Seriously Russia, build better street signs.

What is a KeepGo International SIM Card?

As the name suggests, KeepGo international SIM cards keep you connected while on the go, no matter where “go” takes you. Imagine having data coverage without boarders – no hassles with swapping SIM cards or dealing with confusing international plans. With KeepGo’s impressive global partnerships you are free to roam from one country to the next seamlessly without missing a beat…or should I say Tweet?

How KeepGo International SIM Cards Works

To put it simply, “like a charm.”

howitworksI was able to go online line and map out my trip in a matter of minutes. I selected the amount of data I required and the countries and dates I required it in.  A few days later my KeepGo international SIM card showed up in sexy packaging with simple instructions. Note: In order to use my iPhone with another companies SIM card I did have to pay a one time fee to my current cell provider in order to unlock my phone. It cost me $50 but now I am free to use it anywhere and am no longer tied to one company. Freedom!


While waiting to board my flight from Seattle to Reykjavik I had a pint and popped the card in. The packaging comes with a little SIM card removal tool – no need to hassle with paper clips or your girlfriends earring here!  I took my card out, put in the KeepGo International SIM card in and had instant access to the outside world. Boom.

It was that easy.



How I used my KeepGo International SIM Card

KeepGo really did keep me connected on the go. Here are a few examples where having this service really came through for me:

  • Roaming the streets of Reykjavík I was able to check out restaurant reviews before wasting precious travel dollars (and travel calories!) on sub-par food.
  • We used KeepGo to get us up to the minute Northern Light forecasts which I credit for us getting a glimpse.
  • In Amsterdam I was able to show out cabdriver a suggested route to our hotel when he seemed to be “lost”
  • In Turkey, the most photogenic of all the countries (and poultry), I was able to upload pictures to Instagram as my day unfolded.
  • In Dubai I was able to quickly reply to an iMessage text, congratulating a friend on his engagement without costing me an arm and a leg in roaming fees.
  • In Mumbai I shared (bragged) about my location by checking in the at the Chhatrapati Shivaji international airport.
  • In Hang Dong Thailand I was able to navigate the confusing directions we were given by our host.

Sochi is where my luck ran out, but I have to blame Putin on that one. I was in Russia to cover the Winter Olympics and cell coverage was average at best. As it was very well-documented, I wasn’t the only one experiencing this issue. This is no doubt due to the intrusive inspection techniques employed by the Sochi security personnel. Every bit and byte being sent from the area at that time was being monitored.

Navigating the confusing back roads and rice patties of Hang Dong with ease thanks to my KeepGo International SIM card

In Thailand… I ran into problems. Some reason wherever I went I would only get “E” (Edge) services – which was crippling after being spoiled by KeepGo’s blazing fast 3G coverage. I broke down and bought a local SIM card as I needed information from my phone then and there. I continued on with that card until it ran out. With weeks left in Thailand I decided to contact KeepGo’s tech support. To my disappointment they were not much help. After going back and forth for a few days and being told everything was fine while I was adamant it wasn’t, they found an issue with the local carrier.  It was a bit frustrating that it took a few days to sort out but they did sort out the issue and offered a refund on the card in the process. Not helpful when I was given the card to review but helpful to those that may purchase a card down the line. It is comforting to know that KeepGo backs their product.

Why you Need This

As a travel writer it is important to stay connected with your audience. Being able to share thoughts, photos, and Tweets while on the go is priceless. As the son of a mother of the travel blogger it was beneficial as she could keep tabs and message me if something important came up – like how do I delete my profile picture or “what’s an Instagram?”

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 12.09.21 PMWith the readily available free Internet out there you may say “do I really need a KeepGo international SIM card?” Short answer – yes. How many hotels have you stayed in that offer Internet access at ridiculously high prices? And how many of those make you login multiple times or sporadically drop your connection ? What about hostels where the free Wi-Fi is bogged down by homesick kids Skyping with their parents? These situations can be incredibly frustrating and time-consuming. Don’t get me wrong, I used free Wi-Fi when it was available however the second it became unreliable or an issue I switched over and continued on 3G, saving hours of frustrating time trying to troubleshoot issues in the process.

Don’t Leave Home Without it

This is the first time I have traveled with international data coverage and I can easily say it will not be the last. I have been spoiled by this KeepGo international SIM card and will never travel without this kind of luxury ever again – and neither should you. You will save time, money, and your sanity. Above all else…

your mother will thank you.


This post has been brought to you by KeepGo international SIM cardsliterally. Thanks to their global 3G data coverage I have been able to easily bring you these pictures and words while I bounce my way across the globe. For information on how you can get your own KeepGo international SIM card see below:

KeepGo on Twitter
KeepGo on Facebook

So how does this service rank?

10 Function
10 Design
10 Ease of use
8 Value
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21 replies on “KeepGo International SIM Review – Connected #RTW”
  1. Avatarsays: Doug Fossett

    This sounds perfect Shaun! I pay WAY too much for my roaming. I will be checking thus out for sure!

  2. Avatarsays: Aaron Kolle

    This product sounds awesome. I am a little confused on their pricing though. Guess I will have to map out my trip to Europe and see what it will cost me.

    1. Exactly Aaron. The website is very easy to use and explains the price plans. They even have Europe specific plans! Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

  3. Avatarsays: Will Zhou

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  5. Avatarsays: Brett Vrátil

    Update below 9/28/15

    Purchased the wifi hotspot and used while in Spain and Italy. I burned through 1 gig in 4 days! Emailed them to find out why this could be possible. They emailed me back with an attachment with log of data usuage which was useless. I purchased another gig and I burned through that in a few days. I emailed them again and I got the same “canned” email. I would not recommend purchasing keepgo and go with your carriers international data package. I have purchased AT&T 500 mb for $60 and it has lasted 30 days on a Spain trip

    Update: 9/28/15 CEO David Lipovkov email me about 1 week ago and said he would direct “his team” to credit me 1 gig of data…….I have not received it

    Update: 9/30/15. Keepgo reviews on their website are “selected” I have been in contact with that services the reviews and asked them why my review is not showing on keepgo’s website and they told me that keeps has to “Push” it through them Basically, Keepgo is selecting the reviews that they want on their website. No bueno!

    1. Hey Brett, sorry for your trouble! I am actually just testing out and reviewing one of their mobile hotspots and had a very similar experience. I burned through 1 gig in 3 days! As I was reviewing the product I was hoping for a clear response but got the same as you described. I am going to email them again as I don’t want to promote it if it is not worth while.

      Thanks for the comment!

      1. Avatarsays: Brett Vrátil

        Hi Shaun, Thanks for emailing me. I just got another email today from [email protected] VP of operations. She informed me that they are refunding everything I have paid them so far. $130 for the device and all tip-up’s for data. I never asked for a refund from them. I actually said I didn’t want any refunds, I just wanted them to be more transparent to other customers on how data can be used used up with mobile wifi if certain settings are not changed on iPhones such as auto updates, iCloud photo sync, location services etc. These setting can be very tricky and data can be used up very quickly without even using your phone. I feel they have a responsibility to inform consumers. They are not very transparent with this. I just wanted an acknowledgment that I have valid points but they don’t seem to know how to respond with feedback. I really hope you do contact them and give them your feedback. Here are some direct email for you you.
        [email protected] VP Operations
        [email protected] CEO and co founder
        [email protected] founder

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