Getting the Most out of your Landscape Travel and Holiday Photos

As passionate travellers, we love nothing better than capturing the essence of a beautiful place by taking a great photo. When you look at it, even years later, it is surprising how the feelings flood back. If you have done a good job when you took your shot you will once again be overwhelmed by the beauty of that location.

Have the best ones turned into beautiful panoramic prints

Landscape photos are fantastic, so it is a shame to waste them, especially when firms like hellocanvas are able to quickly turn them into artwork for your walls. The best firms can now take your panoramic photos and really do them justice. This type of print looks especially good hung in a living or dining room. But, most landscape shots can just as easily be used in a hallway or a bedroom.

If you take a particularly good photo there is no reason why you should not share it with a friend or family member. The right panoramic print can make an excellent gift. They look great and have the benefit of being truly personal.

Play around with the image

You can have a lot of fun with landscape photos. They make great backdrops for memes. Using a free graphics package like Gimp you can grab an element or two of the shot and do something interesting with it. You can test this out with free photo editing apps available online.

It is always worth loading your best photos into a graphics package and seeing if cropping it improves the way it looks. Potentially, you can turn a single large shot into several different photos.

Turn it into a sketch

There are several apps out there that make it possible for you to turn a photo into a sketch. All you need to do is to upload it, select a few options and let the program do its job. You will be stunned by just how different your photo looks when it has been turned into a sketch. Sometimes it even ends up looking better than the original.

Blow it up and wrap your fridge

Provided your original photo is a high-resolution one you can have it professionally blown-up and printed off. It is then possible to do some interesting things with your photo. For example, wrap your fridge in it and varnish it, so that you can keep it hygienically clean. This kind of photo can also be used to decorate a large table or desktop.

It is also possible to have all or part of it turned into a wall sticker. This is a quick and surprisingly affordable to create a feature wall for your bedroom or another room.

Take the right shots

Of course, to be able to try out any of the above suggestions you need to be able to take good landscape photos. To help you to do exactly that we have found an article that contains 11 fantastic tips that anyone can use to take that perfect shot the next time they see a beautiful view.

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