Extend your Business Trip to Enjoy your Destination

In the last few years, both work and travel have changed enormously, and new trends that blend the professional and personal have sprung up left, right, and center. From digital nomads to remote and hybrid working, employees are increasingly reimagining the world of work and taking advantage of their time in ways that were unimaginable only a few years ago.

One trend that has caught the imagination of many is the idea of leveraging business travel to enjoy some time off in a new destination. Whether you know it as a ‘workcation’ or ‘bleisure travel, combining work and leisure when travelling abroad is more popular now than ever before. 

A workcation can take many forms. It might be adding vacation days onto a previously planned business trip and taking a short cruise from wherever you’ve ended up. Or perhaps it might mean combining your work and leisure time to maximum effect, by working out of an overseas office or remotely from somewhere else in the world for a short time – a tiny taste of living out of a suitcase as a digital nomad. 

If you are intrigued by the idea, read on! Here are some of the most important things you need to know about turning your business trip into a workcation.

It’s a great way to relax and recharge

Business travel can be fun and exciting, but it is also surprisingly exhausting. The stress that comes from ordinary travel combines with the stress of work to create an extremely tiring environment, however novel and interesting it might be. As a result, the ability to get a little R&R after your work is complete should not be underestimated. Extending your business trip with some time off is a great way to get the relaxation you need after an important meeting or sealing a vital deal, and will help you come back to work revitalized and ready for your next challenge. 

You can explore and immerse yourself in the local culture

Business trips tend to be pretty fly-by-night. You might get to see the lights of the city or a glimpse of the coastline from the plane as you arrive, but beyond the hotel lobby and a nearby restaurant, you probably won’t get much more of a sense of your destination. And this is a great shame! Travel is a great way to discover new cultures and experience new things, and visiting a new country or city without further exploration seems like a waste. A workcation lets you take care of business first, then explore and immerse yourself in the local culture afterwards, without having to worry about work or professionalism. 

It’s extremely cost-effective

The best thing about a workcation is that you are able to get your boss to pay for a chunk of your vacation! Of course, if you extend a business trip you will almost certainly have to cover the costs of your bed and board for the extra period of time, but all transportation will be covered by work, which makes a huge difference. You might also be able to take advantage of preferential business rates by staying on in your original accommodation if your organization is on board. 

How to manage a workcation effectively

Get permission from your boss

It is vitally important to get your boss on the same page as you when it comes to extending business travel to take personal time. There are loads of great reasons to do so, and pitching the idea to your boss shouldn’t be a daunting prospect, but doing it sneakily, without letting them know in advance, will make a really bad impression. Start by explaining why you want to take a workcation, then set out the benefits of doing so. Return flights over longer periods of time are often cheaper, for example, so a workcation can often save your company money.  

Communicate with your team

If you are going to be blending work and travel at all, you will want to let your team know exactly what you are doing. Making sure they know where you will be, when you will be available, and how to contact you while you are away is of the utmost importance. The best workcations have no negative impact on your day-to-day work, and a successful bleisure trip will open the door for more in the future, so take the time beforehand to ensure that yours will be a success!

Have a clear plan

Always have a clear, well-thought-out, and effective plan for your workcation, stick to it, and communicate it well with all stakeholders. This will ensure both the professional and personal elements of your trip go off without a hitch, and will lay the groundwork for more workcation adventures later on!

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