Everything You Need to Know About the Mountain States

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There’s a lot of debate in the United States surrounding the east coast and the west coast. Residents of each location believe that their region is superior and will frequently bring up their region’s main attractions. However, the west and east coasts aren’t the only locations to live in America, as there are plenty of amazing regions in the country. One such region is the Mountain States.

This region of eight states is located around the Rocky Mountains. What is life like in the Mountain States, and how does it differ from other regions? Let’s take a look.


Although the Mountain States are lumped together as a region, the climate across the region actually varies greatly. The southern mountains states like Arizona are covered mostly by desert and have quite warm temperatures during the summer months. For example, you could live in one of the Aurora apartments or in a Phoenix townhouse and never see snow. However, the northern mountain states such as Montana and Idaho can get quite cold during the winter months and even receive a large amount of snowfall.

Additionally, many states in this region experience heavy snowfall around mountainous areas. Unlike some other regions, there is no true climate that applies to the Mountain States, meaning local climate will vary based on location. 


As the name suggests, the Mountain States are quite mountainous, having the highest mean elevations in the United States. Some of the largest peaks in the Mountain States include Mount Elbert, Longs Peak, and Granit Peak

Due to the presence of so many mountains, the region is popular among outdoor enthusiasts like hikers and mountain climbers. There are many state and national parks in the region, drawing in visitors from all across the country. If you’re someone who loves high elevations and the great outdoors, the Mountain States is the perfect location.  


Although the region is not most populous region in the United States, it is still home to a variety of amazing cities. The biggest city in the region is Phoenix, one of the largest and fastest-growing cities in the entire country. Phoenix combines beautiful warm weather with a booming economy, so it’s no surprise that the city is growing so fast.

Other big cities in the region include Denver, Albuquerque, and Tucson, all fantastic places to live in and visit. The region’s biggest tourist city is Las Vegas, a city known for its gambling and nightlife. Thousands of people come to Las Vegas every year to party, bringing lots of traffic to the Mountain States.

Time Zone

Most of the states in this region follow Mountain Time which is is two hours behind Eastern Standard Time, and one hour ahead of Pacific Standard Time

One state in the region, Arizona, does not observe daylight savings time, so although the state is in the Mountain Time Zone they are not at the same time as the rest of the region for most of the year. Most things like primetime television are catered towards the time zones on the coasts which can be frustrating for Mountain State residents.

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