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Traveling on a budget is something we all have to do; it ensures we don’t overspend on a couple weeks away in a foreign country. But a budget also helps to keep our plans in line, and make sure we have an enjoyable time away. And while it may seem like booking a trip on a budget is a restriction, it can lead to some pretty creative results! But putting together a travel budget can be difficult. So here are some easy ways to manage it; keep them in mind before booking your trip.

Seriously Consider the Accommodation 

The one thing that’s going to eat up your budget most of all, aside from the flights you book, is where you stay. As such, it’s a good idea to think about booking with a smaller hotel company, or even a local hostel, or see if you can find a ‘host family’ in the area. Similarly, you may want to think about camping, or using a trailer to sleep in when you go away. 

Be careful when you head online as well. Even when you go through a highly recommended site, be sure to check the site’s prices against a comparison site, or against a few other booking sites with the same parameters. You want to be sure you’re getting the best deal, and that’s never going to happen unless you shop around. 

Keep the Transport in Mind

How are you going to get around? Think about where you’re heading and the average size of the city or towns you’re going to be exploring – can it all be done on foot? Probably not, which means you’re going to need to know your transport options, and whether or not you’ve got the cash to rent a vehicle. 

Take time now to look up rental companies in the country you’re headed to. Do they have a website? If so, dive into the terms and conditions of renting and read the whole thing through – it’s incredibly important to do so! Otherwise you could be stung with so many extra charges when you pick up or drop off the vehicle later on. The budget can stretch to a hire car but not to all the potential fees! 

Know Your Food Options

Finally, what are you going to eat when you get there? You’ll want to dine out a few times, but you probably won’t have the money to do so every night. So pick your days right now, and then see what local supermarkets are in the area. 

You’ll also want to see if your destination has a strong street food scene or not. If you’re able to, try to book a hotel that comes with breakfast included, whether it’s free or not. Try to pack as many long life snacks of your own before you leave the airport as well. 

Coming up with a travel budget needs to be done backwards; what do you want to do? Then budget from there!

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