Beach Holiday Reviews: Book Your Summer Accommodation in TAS Early!

Tasmania’s summer season runs from December through February and is the best time of year to enjoy its many beaches. Hobart and the surrounding areas on the island also offer widespread festivals, specifically during the season. The downside is that it’s a popular time of the year with tourists. It can prove challenging to find a place to stay at top hotels such as macq01 hotel. Rooms fill up quickly so is is best to book your summer accommodations in TAS early.

Enjoy The Island’s Best Beaches

The northern side of Tasmania has some great beachs. You can check out these popular choices to get an idea. With temperatures soaring, people head to the water to cool off. It’s important to note, the UV rays are exceptional in Australia. It’s essential to have adequate sunscreen and protective gear like a hat and hydrants.

With that warining out of the way, here are some of the most popular swimming spots in the area:

Bay of Fires

One of Tasmania’s most sought attractions, the Bay of Fires 50km streatch from Eddystone Point from Binalong Bay. You can swim in the crystal-clear water or casually walk along the edge looking for shells.

Eaglehawk Neck

Referenced as “The Neck,” this beach is a thin parcel between the Tasman Peninsula connecting it to the Forestier Peninsula. The strip is sparse at only 30 meters in width and offers a length of only 400 meters. 

The landmark serves as a “gateway” to plenty of attractions on the peninsula including surfing and diving. The area has the designation as a “natural geological wonder” and offers astounding rock formations like the “Tessellated Pavement.”

Devonport’s Coles Beach

The beach in Devonport is an amateur surfer’s ideal spot because the waves are not large. The bay faces north in a semicircle off of Coles Beach Road. It is close to the city, making it perfect for those wanting to enjoy the beach and the other activities on their holiday. With Coles Beach being so close, you could take a stroll to get there or take the bus. If you want to travel at leisure, you also have the option of renting a car.

Lagoon Beach – Low Head

The beach is nearly half an hour from Launceston, boasting an ideal location for family activities. It’s a quiet, kid-friendly beach and has play areas for children and barbecue pits accessible for grilling. Aside from Lagoon Beach, you’ll find Bell Buoy as an option where you can find impressive dunes with the beach.


Tasmanian locals and tourists find Bicheno an attractive spot for fun, relaxation, and loads of activities. The town is exceptionally picturesque on the east coast of Tasmania, infamous for its wildlife, incredible views, hikes, and sandy beaches. From Launceston, Bicheno is approximately two hours away in the centre of Great Eastern Drive. It is a convenient place for travelers to have an ideal weekend excursion. The trip is kind of like a holiday within a holiday.

Final Thought

When visiting Tasmania, the suggestion is to go in the summertime to enjoy its beaches. The hot weather with unpredictable rainfall is a better setting for beach activity than any other time of the year in Australia. Check out beaches in southern Tasmania at

The only downside is you will experience more crowds of people with the same idea as yours. That means a deluge of people attempting to gain access to your favourite hotel and the same activities as you. Again, it’s wise to book your summer accommodation in TAS well in advance.

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