4 Easy Dinners Your Whole Family Will Love

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Some nights, you have no idea what to make for dinner, but you want something easy and comforting after the busy day you’ve had. That’s why we compiled a list of our favourite dinners that are crowd pleasers, easy to cook for at least four people, and classic meals for even the fussiest eaters. So look no further if you’re looking for family-friendly recipes and healthy dinners.

Also, here are some extra tips to make your cooking easier. First, wash and dry your fresh products during the weekend to save time on busy weeknights. Second, plan the meals for the whole week so you only buy what you’ll use and won’t waste food. Lastly, keep cleaning as you go so you can save time. However, many of our recipes are one-pot or sheet pan dinners, making cleanup very easy. 

Anyone can make these no-fuss recipes, which require only a few ingredients and 30 minutes or less of your time.

Creamy Tortellini 

One of the best quick dinner recipes is tortellini with a creamy marinara sauce flavoured with goat cheese and basil. This is a pasta recipe that stands out from the crowd. In 15 minutes, you can have a pasta skillet that tastes heavenly. The tangy goat cheese pillows complement the fresh basil-infused marinara sauce, ideally. This recipe is best if you make it with fresh Italian-style tortellini. 

However, if you don’t want to go through the process of making pasta but still want to eat fresh pasta, companies like Let’s Pasta sell fresh frozen tortellini with first-class, natural ingredients that guarantee the homemade taste. In addition, they only take two to three minutes to boil. But if you aren’t a fan of tortellini, this company offers fresh frozen ravioli, gnocchi, and other alternate varieties. In addition, if you’re really in a hurry and don’t have time to make the marinara sauce, they also offer sauces like strascinati, tomato, alfredo, bolognese, and cheese sauce. 

Baked Chicken Tacos

The oven-baked tacos are full of flavour but low on stress, making them an easy weeknight dinner option. This is the perfect recipe for feeding your family or a large group. In a pan, cook the onion for two to three minutes, add taco seasoning, and drained tomatoes and green chillies. Stir everything together thoroughly.

Place the taco shells, standing up, in the baking dish. To crisp up the tacos, bake them for five minutes on their own. One tablespoon of beans should be placed in the bottom of each taco and then filled to the top with the chicken mixture. Sprinkle each taco with shredded cheese and bake until it’s melted. When it comes to the toppings – you can go crazy! You can top them with sour cream, salsa, caramelized onions, guacamole, cotija cheese, and so on.

Sandwich with Avocado and Grilled Cheese

Is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy a delicious grilled cheese sandwich? But the avocado grilled cheese sandwich is another level! Adding tomatoes and avocado to your classic grilled cheese makes it the perfect option for quick dinner or small gatherings with your friends. Despite its simplicity, grilled cheese can be dressed up as much or as little as you like.

This avocado grilled cheese with tomato pairs perfectly with a green salad or tomato soup for a quick dinner or even lunch. Make things more exciting and spread mayonnaise or butter on the bread. When it comes to cheese, make sure you purchase high-quality cheese – it’ll make all the difference. 

Sheet Pan Salmon and Asparagus

It’s a simple meal yet refined, and it tastes like something from a restaurant. Roasting the salmon on a pan with fresh herbs and lemon slices adds a fresh yet elegant flavour. If you can find it, buy thin, young asparagus because it’s more tender and tastier than large, tough stalks. Also, fresh salmon from local seafood counters is the best choice, but you can get decent frozen salmon as well. 

Be careful not to overcook the salmon. You should cook it until it flakes when pricked with a fork. If you want to get crispy salmon, don’t put the lemon on it; put them on the asparagus. In that way, the asparagus will get the perfect lemon taste. Use fresh herbs such as basil, chives, and mint. You can serve your salmon with rice, quinoa, salad, or farro.

Wrapping Up 

All the meals listed above are quick and straightforward. Even on the busiest weeknights, our best family-style dinners need little preparation, and you’ll still get satisfying meals. They’re nourishing and comforting, and they’ll be excellent choices when you don’t know what to have for dinner.

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