Top questions to ask yourself before renting an RV

So, you’ve finally decided to take that family trip across the country or visit your relatives in a neighbouring state. There are plenty of accommodation solutions like hotels, motels or crashing with your family, but you want something more flexible. Renting an RV can be an awesome change of pace if you have never done it before. It combines the exciting strangeness of a place away from home, with the commodity and mobility of a car. It’s literally a house on wheels, and it has the potential of being an amazing investment. However, you should ask yourself some important questions before proceeding with this plan, just to make sure that you’re steering your next vacation or travel experience in the right direction.

Do I really need an RV?

The first question that you need to ask yourself is whether or not you actually need to rent an RV. Are you travelling alone or with a large family? Where are you going? Is the RV better than a local hotel? If you’re looking for RV rentals, the answers to those questions probably point in this direction. However, it’s always good to reevaluate and really think about why you need an RV. After all, it’s a pretty sizeable investment, and there are a lot of other things you could do with that money.

What dealers can I use?

Depending on where you are, there could be RV dealers that will give you an RV Rental offer. It’s very important that you don’t just rush and accept the first one coming your way, and that you explore the market first. Make sure you are familiarized with all the RV deals available in your area, and only after commit to the best one available. Don’t forget to also check online dealers that might not have a traditional storefront.

Where will I park?

This one ties in with the first question, and it’s of vital importance. RVs are not just houses on wheels. They are also cars with roofs. What we’re trying to say here is that you shouldn’t forget about the car element and that eventually, you will have to park it somewhere. Keep in mind that not all places welcome RVs to park, and not all those who do are free. You might be looking at some extra expenses or some really unpleasant inconveniences unless you take the time beforehand to research great RV parking options at the site of your destination.

How big does it have to be?

When deciding on an answer here, keep the number of passengers in mind. Just because the RV gives you the sense of something fancy, doesn’t mean that you should go all out and rent the biggest one available. If you’re a small group, you could do with a smaller RV just as well, and save a lot of money in the process. The same train of thought should be applied when renting an RV in regards to interior appliances and features, like beds and bunks, bathroom facilities and pretty much everything else found inside.

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