Sydney in a Half Day – Bonza Bike Tours Review

Sydney in a Half Day - Bonza Bike Tours Review 15

With my limited time in Sydney, I was searching for a quick way to cover as much of the city as possible. Not only did my day with Bonza Bike Tours achieve this, but did so in a fun and entertaining way. Here’s how it went.

Saddle up

After enjoying some amazing coffee and pastries at a nearby cafe in The Rocks neighbourhood, our day with Bonza Bike Tours began with a friendly introduction and a safety rundown. Included in the tour is a comfortable ride, brain bucket, and handy carrying case for personal belongings.

Good to know: Bonza Bike Tours trains all tour guides for medical injuries… something not mandatory on tours in Sydney.

Giddy up

After a short pedal from Bonza Bike Tours storefront, our tour commenced, fittingly at the very spot the first settlers set foot on Australia’s shores. There our tour guide Steve, a South African ex-pat, and wicked b-boy dancer, gave one of many fun and informative stories on Australia’s quirky past.

Bonza Bike Tours
Bonza Bike Tours

The Harbor Bridge

Probably the highlight of my half-day with Bonza Bike Tours was the ride up Sydney’s famous Harbor Bridge. Prior to the climb, the tour stops at a vantage point of the bridge and gives a rundown of facts and stories about how it came to be. 6 million hand-driven rivets and 1,400 men to put it together, she is an impressive feat.

Bonza Bike Tours
Bonza Bike Tours
Bonza Bike Tours

Although the ride up the Sydney Harbor Bridge wasn’t the most scenic, the stop at the top was. From there you really get an appreciation for the size and height of this amazing bridge. Definitely, a must-do.

Pub Break

Any tour that includes a pit stop at a pub is alright in my books. Bonza Bike Tours takes this pub break a step further by stopping at the Lord Nelson, Sydney’s oldest pub brewery.

Bonza Bike Tours

Well played.

Bonza Bike Tours

New Sydney

Feeling a little loose from our pitstop, our half day with Bonza Bike Tours continued with the ride through a tunnel known for its scene in the Matrix and onto Darling Harbour. This modern boardwalk area was built up to host  Sydney’s 2000 Olympics and includes plenty of restaurants, bars, and museums. We made a quick stop at the Wild Life Sydney Zoo for a picture of a sleepy koala, a welcomed surprise.

This half day with Bonza Bike Tours really does cover everything.

Bonza Bike Tours
Bonza Bike Tours
Bonza Bike Tours


After a quick tour of Chinatown, we made our way through Hyde Park and stopped at the Anzac Memorial. Here Steve filled us in on some of the incredible losses New Zealand and Australia suffered during World War I. This was a theme that continued throughout my time in New Zealand as the 100th year anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli was upon us.

Bonza Bike Tours

The Domain

The final leg of this already incredible half-day with Bonza Bike Tours took us through the picturesque Public Domain. This massive 34-hectare park gave us perfect views of the city, the Sydney Opera House, and Harbor Bridge in the distance.

Bonza Bike Tours
Bonza Bike Tours

Our ride rolled onto the steps of the Sydney Opera House where Steve told us about the original architect walking off the job because of financial cutbacks. These cuts resulted in the opera house becoming the 2nd most recognizable man-made structure in the world…with the worst sound quality ever. Happy ending to this story – Jørn Utzon’s son has been commissioned to complete the interior to his father’s original specs.

Bonza Bike Tours

A Great way to Sample Sydney

My day with Bonza Bike Tours was the perfect way to see the highlights and sample the city. It allowed me to determine what I wanted to go back and spend more time at and what to pass on. This combined with a great tour guide makes for a fun and unique choice for touring Sydney. From riding up the Harbor Bridge to a celebratory pub break, this was my kind of bike tour.

Bonza Bike Tours

 Good to Know

Tour Cost: $119 AUD/person
Includes: Bike, helmet, and a great guide.
Don’t Miss: Views from the Harbor Bridge and a break at the pub!

What say you?
Thoughts on my half day with Bonza Bike Tours?
Let’s hear it!

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Although I was provided a complimentary half-day with Bonza Bike Tours,
the experience, opinions, and scenic ride are my own.

So how does Bonza Bike Tours rank?

10 Guide
9 Execution
10 Information
10 Value
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