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From NYC to Chicago, to Los Angeles, the cities of the US are unbeatable when it comes to demonstrating diversity in the USA. Oklahoma City (AKA The Big Friendly) might not be a household name, but it still has plenty of character. It also has plenty to keep you entertained, well-looked after, and well-fed if you’re stopping by for a day or three.

Without further ado, let us begin:

Travel on down the entertainment capital of the capital

As friendly as “The Big Friendly” is, it should be no surprise that it likes to put on a show. You’re going to find plenty to entertain you at the Bricktown Entertainment District, which is the best evening entertainment and nightlife spot in the city. Harkins Theatre is a classic movie house, while the Coyote Ugly Saloon is some of the best burlesque-meets-southern-charm entertainment around. You can even take a ride down through the district in the river taxi to enjoy a unique vantage point.

Explore the Historic Stockyards City

You can learn a lot about a city by learning about its historic main industry. In OKC, look no further than the Stockyards City. This historically preserved district still serves as a large cattle market. Aside from the cattle auctions twice a week, it’s a great opportunity to get dolled up in authentic western wear. You won’t have difficulty finding a great steak restaurant if you’re looking to stop for a bite, as well. Operating for over 100 years, it’s very much a living part of the industrial fabric of the city.

Stop by the zoo with the family

While most major cities have a zoo, making it a fairly safe bet for your trip, the Oklahoma City Zoo offers something truly special with over 500 species on display. See some of nature’s most majestic beasts, such as gorillas, lions, and rhinos, as well as special displays for sea lions, elephant demonstrations, and even a stingray touch tank. It’s one of the better zoos that you’re likely to find in the country and it has plenty of competition, making it even more impressive.

Enjoy a show at the Fairgrounds

Cattle aren’t the only animals that Oklahoma is famous for. The capital city is also known as the Horse Show Capital of the World. Here, you’re likely to see all forms of horse shows, with real-life cowboys and cowgirls showing their stuff, with the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds putting shows on for the majority of the year. Many of the shows are free or fairly low in price, as well, meaning that it won’t bite too much out of your budget.

The Big Friendly is just as its nickname implies, a welcoming and wonderful city. It lacks the impersonality that’s comes with so many of the US’s urban areas. Give it a shot, you might find yourself coming back.

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