Having Serious Fun while in the City

Are you heading to a major city centre? Then check out this post on how to have serious fun in the city before you go.

The sheer amount of things can spoil your choice when looking for something fun to do in the city. Almost every major city is like a sensory overload, and while they can appear the same, everywhere is entirely unique. 

However, uniformity in uniqueness means you can participate in familiar activities with a local spin. For example, everywhere offers local theatre productions, but they are immensely different and usually convey national issues. But, of course, there’s more to a city than theatre, yet you must seek out the adventures that await as they will not seek you.

Group Activities

For many, travelling is a solo experience, especially for the modern digital nomad or world-weary traveller. Yet we all have friends, and it’s always possible you are within visiting distance of the city where they live. While you are travelling, catching up with friends from other countries is a humbling experience. But after the formality of meeting and talking, there is always the question, what do we do now? Almost every town and city has a unique history, and cities usually offer great group activities. 

Group activities allow for a bonding experience as well as being tons of fun. One of the most unique features is the escape room experience, while extremely popular activities include paintballing, miniature golfing, and arcade gaming. Most of these activities can be found in every major city worldwide. Of course, they are distractions, yet they are entertaining ways to cement the memory of an unforgettable day out with good friends.

Food and Drink

No matter where you go, it seems that everywhere has terrific food and drink. Even in the same city, you can find variations on food whether you are in the North or the South East or West. For example, Liverpool’s (UK) “Scouse” stew is made of lamb cuts with barley in the south, closer to North Wales. Yet in the northern region, the dish is often a meaty delight of whatever is available with stout poured in, sans barley. Therefore, you would do well to seek out local cuisine and try it, no matter where you are or how strange the food might be. 

You might not want to try sweet maple sugar melted and poured over snow in Quebec. But you would be a fool for not doing so because it’s simply amazing. Obviously, you might ask any friends you see about the best foods. But their food knowledge might be limited. So take the time to know where the locals eat. And if you see a café next to a food market, be sure to eat there since there’s a good chance they are supplied with the freshest food.

Local, National and International Theatre

The movie industry is a global phenomenon, and even Hollywood is becoming overshadowed by amazing foreign cinema. Currently, the industry is worth almost $150 billion, yet it has taken somewhat of a hit because of Covid-19. Yet, as impressive as movies are, there’s a lot that can be said for the alternative. Theatre is also a vast industry. Like movies, there are large-scale productions such as Hamilton and many adaptations of Shakespeare. Yet there are more minor indie productions as well. 

In short, when it comes to the theatre, there is something for everyone. And almost every city caters to local, national, and international theatre production. Local plays are a boon to smaller districts and help fund education and recreation for young people. National theatre drives tourism, such as Shakespeare at the Globe in London and international tours of Grease and Wicked are a delight for everyone. Essentially, no matter where you are in the world, there is bound to be something that speaks to you, and theatre makes a nice change to the cinema. 

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