10 Reasons Why Now is the Perfect Time to Buy a Boat

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If you’ve always wanted to buy a boat and have always felt like putting it off — now is not the time to delay. With the boat market on active growth as it experienced a massive sale spike during the onset of the pandemic — the time to buy a boat is now! So many first-time buyers are entering the field! You wouldn’t want to miss out on all the perks that excited and eager manufacturers are showering them with! If you have yet to be convinced that you should buy your dream boat today, please read on. We offer you ten superb reasons why now is the perfect time to buy a boat. Read on, reflect, and go boat-shopping!

Reason #1: Unlimited and Limitless Travel Options

You can go anywhere you want if you have a boat of your own. This is primarily the reason why boat sales experienced a record spike during the onset of the pandemic. People had to social distance and those with boats got to conveniently do it without being quarantined in their homes. They got to sail wherever they wanted! This perk is something that you will always get to enjoy, with or without a pandemic, if you’d have a boat of your own. You simply pick a destination and you could easily go there! 

Reason #2: Total Getaway

Sailing on your very own boat will give you the ultimate getaway experience. Other holidays can’t do that as some would still get to expose you to the nitty-gritty affairs of daily life with city noise, traffic, and cosmopolitan demands. Such will not be the case if you’d have a getaway on your own boat. With sailing, you’d totally get to escape from it all and simply listen to the gentle sounds of ocean waves — day in and day out. You will get to escape and renew in the best way possible! This is the very reason why yacht sales are expected to ever increase in the coming years. Studies show that more and more people have been realizing that regular holidays no longer suffice for the human need to fully retrieve, escape, and renew. People now want fully revitalizing getaway experiences!

Reason #3: You Will Have Zero Neighbours

You won’t have to deal with neighbours if you’d buy a boat of your own. You’d get to live a full life surrounded by people that you get to choose because you’d only be sailing with guests of your choice. On your own boat, you won’t have to worry about other people being on your business. You’d be completely free, independent, and solitary when you’re sailing at sea!

Reason #4: Sailing is Perfect for Family Holidays

The world is 71% water! This means that you and your family are not experiencing 71% of what the world has to offer if you don’t get to spend family holidays at sea! Having a boat of your own will give you the sweet chance of filling your child’s life with sweet memories of fun activities at sea. As you and your family will be completely isolated from the world, sailing holidays are also the ultimate form of dedicated family bonding!

Reason #5: The Community

Buying a boat of your own will make you part of a big boating family that has each other’s backs! Boaties love other boaties! The familial feel is instant the very moment that you meet one boaty on any sailing activity! 

Reason #6: Supreme Alone Time 

With all the demands and technology of the modern world, it’s now simply impossible to be truly alone. That will never be the case if you have a boat of your own. With a boat of your own, any time is a perfect time for supreme alone time. Dedicated time for solitude is healthy for one’s mental health as it allows us to decompress and fully centre ourselves on things that truly matter. 

Reason #7: Limitless Opportunities for Exploration

You will never run out of places to visit if you have a boat of your own. With your own boat, you’d be free to explore parts of the world that excites you. You would be free to decide on your own schedule and itinerary with no pressure whatsoever. You’d always have a fully relaxing time as you own the boat yourself and you will answer to no one.

Reason #8: Safety

Having your very own boat is also way safer than other hobbies and holiday activities. With a boat of your own, you won’t have to worry about other tourists as much. With the pandemic still upon us, your health, and particularly the safety of the air that you breathe should be a priority. You can limit access to your boast and you can easily test any guest for any kind of illness, you and your family can fully relax, swim about, kayak, and sunbathe mask-free without having to worry!

Reason #9: Optimum Relaxation

This is something that only sailors will truly understand. This is something that will possibly escape you if you have yet to experience sailing at sea. Sailing at sea is extremely relaxing as it will allow you to fully be quiet and one with nature. You will experience peak relaxation while sailing as hearing the sound of the sea as you feel the sea breeze on your skin will renew your soul. Such an existential sacred feeling is impossible to duplicate and can only be experienced during sailing. The ocean always tells a story and you’d get to hear it when you go quiet as you sail. 

Reason #10: Morale Boost 

Last but definitely not least, you should buy your own boat because you deserve it. Your years of hard work and perseverance call for it. It’s high time that you give yourself the total joy that you deserve. Life is short, my life. Live it big. Live it now! The sea is calling your name!


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