Since we were kids, all travel enthusiast have dreamed of finding the most perfect and cool job – so that they can travel the world. You need only a laptop and a good Internet connection. It would emancipate you to create, explore, and touch others’ lives. Such a job would not be easy, but entertaining, to do day in and day out from forests to mountains, from jungles to café patios around the world. If that is the goal which you are looking for, then I would like to direct your consideration to the work from home advertisements in your local newspaper’s classifieds category.

Edubirdie membership gives you incompatible access to our global community of kindred bloggers, all of whom share a common objective to build travel blogs and stay updated on social media vogue and industry news.

Many of our members have been working with us for years. They have won writing, and photography awards acknowledged careers in travel media and even formed six-figure businesses. You’ll save time and vitality by learning from those who’ve gone before you.

If you’re ready to connect those ranks, here’s how to write a travel blog that’ll attract readers beyond your desirous friends and family. 

There Can Be No Compromise on Content

It’s all fine and excellent that you’ve come up with a spot on blog name and a well-planned website. But what is going to push people to read your blog is good, nifty content. Concentrate on the questions people have asked on your blogs and other travel forums. Give answers in your next articles. Even if you want to write about an uproarious travel narrative, include tips on how your readers can have similar experiences.

To Write Interesting, Be Interesting

The Ladakh is a beautiful place, but I was getting tired of the ‘bike trips’ everyone was going on to this sweet and lovely destination. I stopped opening articles on Ladakh in spite of the stunning GoPro pictures of the Manali to Ladakh trail. After that, I came across a great story called ‘This is the Ladakh everyone forgets to see’ which talked about a side that I’d never read before. The author handled this by traveling to a lesser-seen part of the place and staying and conversing with local families. So you want to tell a different piece, do something interesting and unique. Take the path less well-travelled.

Identify Your Audience and Target Them

There’s a quote says that “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” So I say don’t squander your time and effort on such peaches, errr, readers. Haters will always hate. For example: When I have written an article on the best bars in Delhi as per to me with a food group on Facebook, I was litigator of pushing paid content. And some people, of course, said that the list characterized “bad” bars. So in lieu of violence with them, I just stopped posting my articles there. I shared it on a Delhi forum, where it was well heard and even posted by members with their friends.

Be a Social Media Rockstar


Think of your blog as an object. Once you’ve designed and packaged your item, you have to sell it. Because the truth is, no matter how good your unit is, people will only be able to purchase/use it when they know about its existing. And the way to expand awareness is with the use of social media. Stay live on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Experiment with your blog links travel’s photos and quotes. Study vogue to recognize what works with your readers. And don’t let slip to be social. Respond to comments and share compelling content which shared by your followers.

Learn the Art of SEO 

Blogging and search engine optimization, aka, SEO, have a deep relation. So if you are not aware about the concept, spend some time familiarizing yourself with it. Making your articles, SEO-friendly will make sure that search engines such as Google will find them. This once more means a much greater reach.

Keep At It, Don’t Lose Steam


Looking after a blog is a lot of hard work. Some days you’ll enjoy, other times you’ll struggle. Then there will be the days when that story that took you four days to write will get no takers. That’s when you’ll have to push along. And you can’t sit back after writing a few posts even. You frequently have to feed readers with quality content, so they become so habitual that they can barely wait for your next article.

Travel blogging is a superb method of training your journalistic skills, sharing your knowledge with a scrutinizing audience, and organizing your thoughts and challenging your analysis. Just think of that writing, photographing, posting and sharing may take more time than you await, so grant for a learning curve and don’t allow it to take over your life.


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