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On a recent Air Canada Winnipeg to Vancouver booking I got a chance to check out the Winnipeg Maple Leaf Lounge. Although it’s a small space, unlike many other Air Canada lounges, the Winnipeg Maple Leaf Lounge is bright and airy with refreshed furniture.

This is my full Winnipeg Maple Leaf Lounge review including why I think it is the better pick over the Plaza Premium Lounge at YWG.

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Location and Hours

The Winnipeg Maple Leaf Lounge is located just past security and directly across from Gate 9. Since the airport is relatively small, you won’t have a hard time finding it.

Take a left once you have cleared security and look down the terminal. You will easily spot the bright red Air Canada logo directly above the lounge entrance.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge exterior entrance at Winnipeg airport. The bright red Air Canada logo is centred above the door.

It’s important to note that this lounge services domestic and international flights except for flights to the United States. Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge business class passengers have access to the lounge as do premium Aeroplan credit card holders.

Tuesday through Sunday the Winnipeg Maple Leaf Lounge is open from 04:00 to 18:15. Monday it’s open from 04:00 to 19:30.

Winnipeg Air Canada lounge map and hours of operation from

Service and Amenities

Once through the check-in area, you will find a lounge area with a TV (World Junior Hockey was playing on my visit…because Canada) and a larger table workspace with convenient power outlets on top.

The first things really jumped out to me were the bright red seats and light fixtures. This is a departure from the dated decor and seating options at most other Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounges.

These red chairs and tables line the windows which look out on to the tarmc. On the opposite side is a small accent fireplace which separates the kitchen and bar area.

interior photo of the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge in Winnipeg with digital library rack in foreground and red chairs and table in bakground.

Further down along the windows, you will find lounger chairs similar to what are at all other Maple Leaf Lounges. There is tabletop power in between the chairs for convenient device charging pre-flight.

At the very end, there are a few comfortable seats facing the tarmac. This is where I recommend dropping your bags and relaxing. It’s the quiet zone of the lounge so no cell phone conversations here.

Beyond the seating options, other amenities at the Winnipeg Air Canada Lounge include free Wi-Fi and access to PressReader, a free digital magazine service where you can download something to read while at the lounge or on your flight.

Last, there are no shower facilities at the Winnipeg Air Canada Lounge. This is understandable given the primarily domestic flights the airport serves.

Food and Drink

The food service at the Winnipeg Maple Leaf Lounge is pretty basic. On my time through there were no hot dishes, just cold wraps, salads, and fruit. Still, decent enough for a preflight snack and all are healthy options. That said, if you are hungry and looking for more, I would grab something outside of the lounge.

Lastly, there is a Lavazza coffee machine and a selection of teas to enjoy. There are also cookies and granola bars which is always a win for me.

Winnipeg Maple Leaf Lounge Bar

Beer and wine selection at Winnipeg Maple Leaf Lounge.

The bar at the Winnipeg Air Canada Louge is also limited. It does feature Guinness on tap which locations like Edmonton do not. I like to enjoy a pre-flight pint that is not Canadian or Coors so am happy to see this.

Still, I did enjoy a few craft breweries around town on my visit and would love to see something local offered at the lounge. This ask is the same for all Air Canada Maple Leaf lounges though so won’t fault this one.

Beyond the beer, there are a couple of wines available and a selection of spirits and mixes for self-made cocktails.

Glass of red wine held up in front of Winnipeg Airport tower.

Final Thoughts

Exterior shot of Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge at Winnipeg airport.

Compared to other Canadian hub cities, the Winnipeg airport is not particularly busy. This is evident inside the Winnipeg Air Canada lounge. On my visit, I counted ten other guests and is very much a welcome change from the crowded lounges in Toronto and Vancouver.

This, along with the refreshed seating and bright tarmac views make for a comfortable and relaxing space. Compared to the airport’s only other option, Plaza Premium, the Winnipeg Maple Leaf Lounge is far quieter and more comfortable in my opinion.

Does Winnipeg airport have a lounge?

The Winnipeg airport has two lounges; the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge and the Plaza Premium lounge. The Maple Leaf lounge is associated with Air Canada whereas the Plaza Premium lounge is not associated with an airline. The latter can be accessed through certain credit card partnerships and by paying a fee at the entrance.

Does Winnipeg Airport have a Maple Leaf Lounge?

Yes, Winnipeg Airport has a Maple Leaf Lounge. It is located directly across from Gate 9. It is very easy to find as the Winnipeg Airport is not very big. Turn left after clearing security and look for the Air Canada maple leaf logo hanging above the lounge entrance. The lounge has most of the same amenities as other Maple Leaf lounges (food, drinks, wifi, quiet area, seating, TV, digital magazines etc…) however it does not have a shower facility.

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Air Canada Winnipeg Maple Leaf Lounge Review - YWG AirportAir Canada Winnipeg Maple Leaf Lounge Review - YWG Airport

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