Winnipeg Tip: A place for a "real good sit dooown."

Winnipeg Tip: A place for a "real good sit dooown." 2

A Winnipeg Tip from A Winnipeg Tip Giving Local

Not much happened in my final week in Manitoba. I had trips to Flin Flon and Brandon canceled due to weather. This is disappointing as now when I say “Well when I was in Flin Flon..” and you stop me with utter astonishment “You’ve been to Flin Flon??” to which I reply “But of course… you’ve never been?” Well, now you can call me a liar.

Instead I spent some time in a place called Fisher Branch and the Tavern pub in Winnipeg. In efforts to fight off hotel fever (Cabin fevers snotty urban cousin) I made a feeble attempt to get some culture (which Winnipeg is swimming in) There was an outdoor film festival taking place at the forks complete with a screen carved out of snow. I thought this was a great idea. By the time Dave’s friend Gerald and I got out the door it was long over for the night. An attempt non-the-less. Instead we ended up at the pub.

One great thing that did happen to me is something I will never forget about the peg. I was given a Winnipeg tip that will stick with me for the rest of my days. While at a local coffee shop I went to use the bathroom. It was one of those single room bathrooms which was occupied. Waiting was a native teenager no older than seventeen. He asked me “so you just got to take a pisss or what” To which I replied “Ah, yesss…why?” His response was awesome and definitely (and sadly) the most courteous thing anyone has ever done for me. ” You can go first, I got to take a real goood sit dooown.” I thanked him and told him that it was very thoughtful of him.

I will miss Winnipeg.

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