Why You Should Consider An Australian Road Trip

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The breathtaking landscapes, unmatched wildlife, and the unique Outback await to welcome you with open arms. Sit back and relax while we reveal why you should consider an Australian road trip. 

Remote Areas

Almost half of the roads in Australia are gravel roads and many areas are remote. Since they’re far-flung, only a car can allow you to see the best off-the-beaten-path places in the country. You will explore the hidden treasures of aesthetic beauty on a road trip and almost feel like a part of the landscape. 

However, make sure your car is in perfect shape before you sojourn to one of these remote areas. You can compare quotes from local mechanics using Enji in case your car needs a repair.

Here are some Australian remote areas that you should check out.

Abundant wildlife

90% of the animals you won’t find anywhere else on the globe reside in Australia. This includes fast and strong-beaked emus, colossal crocodiles, and bugs of all sorts of funky colours. 

While you may find them in national parks and zoos, watching them in their natural habitat is a sight to see. You’ll get to see crazy wildlife pretty much everywhere in Australia but these are some places you should especially visit if you’re a fan of wildlife:

  • Great Ocean Road in Victoria for koalas
  • Cape Le Grand National Park for kangaroos
  • Exmouth in Western Australia for emus

Serene coastlines

Australia boasts the world’s longest coastlines, transitioning between land and sea with a diverse variety of habitats. It’s the perfect place to explore broad sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, and mangrove swamps via a road trip.

Nowhere else in the world you’ll find a coastline hosting well-developed cities and quirky small towns both at the same time. 

Plus, the sunrises and sunsets on Australian beaches are a treat to the eyes. The earliest point, Byron Bay, is the perfect place to spend a morning driving under the pink and orange shades of sky. 

Among the most beautiful beaches in the country are Hyams Beach (known for having the whitest sand on Earth), the Whitehaven Beach near the Great Barrier Reef, and Kirra Beach, which has rolling waves. 

Jaw-dropping beauty

During your road trip in Australia, you’d want to stop at every turn and click Instagram-worthy photos. Lush green forests, the whitest sand of the coasts, fast-flowing rivers, and massive mountains are all excellent ways to spice up your Instagram blog.

Plus, you can’t have enough of the artsy, vibrant landscape in the large expanse of the pristine red Outback. It crosses five Australian states and thousands of kilometres, and is the best road trip route to experience a semiarid climate. 

The beauty of Australian topography ranges from breathtaking natural scenery to metropolitan notables like Sydney Harbor and Opera House. The point is, if you’re a fan of beautiful landscapes and pretty cities, an Australian road trip is what you should take. 

Plus, due to a large geographical area with a relatively small population, pollution has not yet affected the views of Australia. 

Drivable Islands

Amid the ocean blue waters of Australia, there are several spectacular islands that are reachable by road. 

You can explore Phillip Island in Victoria, which is home to thousands of penguins. The Bruny Island in Tasmania and Queensland’s Magnetic Island are also good drivable islands to check out.

Also, don’t forget to visit Kangaroo Island to support the rehabilitation of those affected by the bushfires in January 2020. 

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