Why do you do the things you do?

Why do you do the things you do? 2

Priceline.com is evil. Wait, that’s harsh and actually very untrue. If it wasn’t for Priceline I wouldn’t be writing about my crazy last minute trip to Boston. I officially retract my previous statement.

This last minute Beantown trip started 2 days before I was to go to Toronto to visit Erin. With nothing much planned other than attending the wine and fine food expo in Toronto Erin and I toyed with heading somewhere for the weekend. With the Canadian dollar at it’s peak I suggested heading south of the border to which Erin brought up Boston. Sold. I quickly checked my favorite ball teams schedule. Celtics/Heat Friday night. Double sold. With that we started looking for cheap flights. With such short notice it wasn’t looking good. Are cheapest option was to drive although it would mean 16 out of 43 hours in a car. We put that on hold and looked for cheap accommodations to which we found did not exist in Boston. There are hostels but nothing was available or cheap. With Hotels averaging $250/night, the trip seemed a bit out of reach especially for 2 nights and 16 hours Worth of driving. That’s when I stumbled upon priceline.com.

You may recognize the name as William Shatner is their spokes man and does some funny commercials about negotiating prices. Basically you select an area of town you would like to stay and select the star rating of the hotel you would like. From there you name your price. For a downtown 3.5 to 4.0 star hotel in Boston it states the average is $283/night. Why not try $75? I punched that in and quickly clicked my way through all the disclaimers and what not’s to find my offer was rejected. Not surprised I offered $85. No dice. $95, $100, nothing. Now as each time you submit an offer you have to enter a ton of info (unless you have an account setup which I found out after) it becomes very tedious. Losing hope and more so attention as I was chatting with a friend online, I submitted my last offer at a very inflated $145 for one night thinking we would splurge. Not expecting much I continued to chat with my friend. 2 minutes later I received an email saying that my credit card was billed $145 for 1 night at the Omni Parker hotel and oh, its non-refundable. “Looks like were going to Boston” I thought to myself.

Next up was securing tickets to the sold out Celtics game. To my surprise there was hundreds of tickets available on ebay and other ticket sites like stubhub.com. Now maybe because we were booked at a ritzy hotel or maybe because of the “go big or go home” attitude I have lately, regular seats to the game just wouldn’t cut it. This was solidified in my mind when I saw floor seat tickets on ebay. With a price tag of $500 I was hesitant but remembering how much fun I had when I was 13 and my mom splurged on awesome seats to an Orlando Magic game I came around. “When are you going to be here again to do this?” So true. Go big or go home. Thank you mom. My only concern was with tip off just over 48 hours away, would I get the tickets in time? The seller assured me I would and that he would send them fedex to the hotel in Boston. Done. I was ridiculously busy at work so I didn’t stress it. With that I was off to the airport for my flight to Toronto.

Next up, one fantastic weekend.

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