Why are Road Trips and Camping Better Than 5-Star Hotels?

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Many will argue on this one, but there are two types of people when it comes to travelling habits. The first type is the person who loves staying in expensive hotels where employees provide everything just by pressing a button, and the other type loves adventure.

These two groups will rarely agree on this matter. Both have different objectives and love different things. Both travelling styles have pros and cons, but are you familiar with the other group’s points on why they prefer one over the other?

In this article, we share a few reasons why people who love camping and road trips prefer this type of travelling and vacation. Why would they choose to fill up their Toyota Hilux canopy with supplies and go on the road? Follow up and learn why road trips and camping are better than staying at 5-star hotels.

Camping is Many Times More Affordable Than 5-star Hotels

Let’s be honest here; not everyone works for $150,000 and can afford to stay in a hotel where a night is charged $1000. This is not the main reason why many people would choose road trips with their own vehicle and sleep in tents, but it is a point worth mentioning.

No matter how lavish the road trip is, it will always be more expensive to stay in a 5-star hotel. Hotels are overrated. Their owners charge tremendous amounts for things that cost hundreds of times less than the actual value.

A fancy hotel will charge you $100 for dinner in their restaurant. Your food might be arranged and cooked perfectly, but will it be a hundred bucks valuable? The same dish cooked on your own portable stove in nature will cost no more than $10, so think about whether you’re willing to pay a fancy chef to do it for you.

Nothing Can Compete With Sunrises in The Wilderness

You may have the ultimate best hotel view in the world overlooking the east, and you’ll still not experience the best sunrise of your life. Suppose you’re sleeping in the most stunning hotels in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, known for their spectacular sunrises. You’re getting a fantastic view, but through the window and with a perfectly controlled room temperature.

You’re not getting an authentic experience. Everyone who has seen the sunrise in nature, under the open sky, knows the difference between this type and the one indoors. If you want to see a truly stunning light, you’ll want to wake up in nature.

There’s no Check-in or Check-out Time

Hotels are strict with their scheduling. You can’t just burst into your room even though you booked weeks ago. Every hotel has check-in and check-out times, and you must respect them. Moreover, there’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner time, and if you miss it – that’s it. It’s more like living with a parent from the silent generation.

Camping means eating whenever you feel like it. You don’t hold anyone responsible for preparing your food, so you can eat whenever you want. The same goes for packing your stuff and leaving. You can do it when you’re ready to go, and you shouldn’t ask anyone about it.

Leaving Technology Behind and Enjoying Raw Nature

We’re not saying to leave your smartphone at home, but when you’re in nature, the smartphone has one job – taking snaps of fantastic sights. Hotels offer long hallways and boring music over the speakers, while nature gives you an endless view and the sounds of the birds chirping in the distance.

If you leave technology and civilization behind you, the great outdoors will give you a thrill. Going with a friend means spending endless time talking and sharing thoughts, enjoying the wonders of nature together, and making lifetime memories.

Campfires Revive The Child Within

Do you remember the feeling you had when you were listening to scary Halloween stories by the campfire? We’ve all been camping as kids, and the most interesting part of the entire trip that most people remember vividly is the campfire and the stories others tell.

As an adult, you can make a campfire whenever you want. Pick the location, drive yourself with a couple of friends, set the tents, and enjoy the crackling sounds of the campfire. There’s no such thing even in the world’s most expensive and fanciest hotels. That’s why camping is irreplaceable.


This list might be helpful if you’re on the fence about whether to go on a road trip and camp under the open sky or spend top dollars on a hotel. If you think nothing can compare with the hotel’s comfort, you should think again after reading the above points. Road trips and camping offer the wonders of nature, freedom of movement, authentic experiences, and all this for a much better price.

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