When in Italy

When in Italy 12

When in Italy…drink heavily with the Irish.

Florence is a very nice city. Lots to see…and eat. Toured the town a couple days seeing the sights. The highlights for me were the gardens and Da Vinci exhibit. There were numerous models of his inventions that could be played with. Da Vinci was one smart dude. Just finished the Da Vinci code and am looking forward to the movie.

The night before leaving we met up with some Irish girls for some drinks. FYI, if you are trying to take it easy and not drink much, don’t go out with the Irish. These girls were nuts…but a lot of fun. When in Italy?


6 am rolled around pretty fast so the next day was rough as we took the train to Rome.

If you’re looking for a more high-budget experience, check out some of these luxurious villas available for rent.

Here are some pictures of Florence:

When in Rome
Cool sculpture in the gardens

Go on….?

Rome was very cool despite that we stayed in a crappy hostel. Got to see the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel which was crazy. “You want me to paint what on the f$&$ing ceiling???” It was so busy there. 4 hours on a 1 hour tour. Lots to see but we were pretty rushed to get through it.

My fav part of Rome was the ruins and the coliseum. Very cool. I will post some pictures not so soon as the internet is going to be less common in the south.

Inside the Colosseum
Saint Peters Basillica
Roman Fourm
Inside the VC – Pope not present.

In Napoli now…well just outside of it. We accidentally booked a hostel outside of town. Strangest thing, the nicest hostel we have stayed in turns out to be in the doggiest town we have seen. Go figure.

Up early to get on the free internet here. Trying to book a trip to Scandinavia for a week. Also keeping an eye on the oil who just went into double OT.

Off to Pompeii today to see a town buried from a volcano then trying to make it to Sicily for a couple days. I will post more in the near future…

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