The Most Wheelchair Accessible Travel Destinations in the World

Travelling can be life-changing, affirming, and an eye-opening experience that everybody should experience. Those that require the use of a wheelchair may have concerns over travelling the world, but there are actually many travel destinations that are very wheelchair accessible. Under the law, countries need to implement accessibility, but some places are much better at this than others. Here are a few of the better examples of the world’s best wheelchair accessible travel destinations:

Barcelona, Spain

One of the most glamorous and cultural cities in the entire world, the Catalan capital is also one of the most accessible places to visit. This is due to Catalonia and the national tourism authority making this a priority, which has resulted in all of the buses and 80% of the metro stations wheelchair accessible. Around the city, it is mainly flat surfaces and you can even skip the queues for some of the major Barcelona attractions.


One of England’s most historic and cultural cities, Manchester has something for everyone and is one of the most popular tourist cities in the UK. Fortunately, much of the central part was rebuilt in the 1990’s, meaning that it is now wheelchair accessible with wide and smooth paving, step-less entry to most buildings and accessible transport. If driving, you can obtain wheelchair accessible vehicles from places like Allied Mobility.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

There are many beautiful Old Town’s throughout Europe, but sadly, most of these are cobblestoned and largely inaccessible. Not Ljubljana, however, which has a completely pedestrianised centre with level access – it is also remarkably beautiful, peaceful and lined with inviting cafes, bars and restaurants. The stunning Ljubljana Castle is also highly accessible and provides great views of the city and beyond.


Singapore is one of the most futuristic and progressive places in the world. This also means that it is one of the most accessible destinations, with the majority of buildings all being step-less and easy to access whilst the pavements all have kerb cuts. Public transportation is also very easy to use and efficient, making it easy to get around the city and explore all of the great attractions.

These are four of the most wheelchair accessible destinations around the world, but they are also places that are bursting with culture and terrific travel destinations that anybody will enjoy. Travelling in a wheelchair can, understandably, cause stress and anxiety, but it will not be a problem with the above places.

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