"What does he have against pants anyway??"

Moving across the country to be closer to your significant other is a scary scary thing. Think about it. You are leaving all that you know; your job, your friends, your city, your life…behind. And what do you get? No job, no friends, a new strange and different city, and a new life. Yup, it is a scary thing. I’m shaking just thinking about it. I would say it’s almost as scary as being on the receiving end of that deal. Almost. I mean there are lufa’s in my bathroom now! LUFA’S! and..AND I can no longer play video games in my underwear…when Erin’s family is over. Yes indeed scary, scary stuff.

Lufa’s and pants aside, take all the fear, anxieties, and night sweats and times them by a gazillion and you have got the significant others mother. She is the one that has it bad. Chew on this, she is sending her only daughter (of two) across the country to live with a dirty backpacker her daughter met on a sketchy train in Eastern Europe. Nice. She might as well be sending her to Siberia (as Alberta seems to be that far and exotic to Ontario folk) And why does this guy play video games in his underwear? What does he have against pants anyway??

No doubt these types of questions have haunted her dreams and kept her up at night. That is why Erins mom’s first visit to Edmonton had to be great. It would put her fears to rest and make her realize that her only daughter (of two) is not in Siberia and is indeed good hands.

So break out the good disposable plates and put some pants on, Dani’s coming to town.

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