Elevation WestJet Lounge Calgary Airport Review

Westjet Lounge Calgary Airport

After a rushed check-in and lounge experience in Paris, my brother Scott had 11 hours of relaxation onboard WestJet’s 787 Dreamliner. With one flight to go on his trip, he had some time to kill in the Westjet Elevation lounge at YYC. I have only visited Air Canada’s Maple Leaf Lounge in Calgary so I asked him to pass along his thoughts.

This is his Westjet Lounge Calgary Airport review.

How Do You Access the WestJet Elevation Lounge?

Access to the WestJet Lounge Calgary airport comes with business class tickets on WestJet’s 787 Dreamlinner. Interesting, access is not given to Premium Economy passengers.

WestJet Reward members also get complimentary access, depending on status level, as do Delta Sky Miles Diamond, Platinum or Gold Medallion members. Last, if you hold a Priority Pass (comes with American Express Business Platinum) you can also access the WestJet Elevation lounge for free, even if you are flying a different carrier.

None of the above applies to you? WestJet passengers can access the lounge for $59 + GST and non-WestJet guests for $65 + GST. This is a bit steep for a domestic lounge and may only be worth it if you are spending several hours on a layover.

Elevation Lounge Location and Seating

On arrival in Calgary, a single bridge was connected to the aircraft and business class passengers were allowed to disembark first. I was connecting to Edmonton so after the efficient trip through customs, I was able to connect to the departures area without needing to exit and go through security again. Good work Calgary. 

The Elevation Lounge in Calgary is Westjet’s flagship location. It’s a single level space located in concourse B of the domestic terminal. The front of the lounge faces the concourse walkway. There is a one-way window so you can watch people walking by, but they can’t see in. I’d rather watch airplanes, but it’s better than staring at a wall.

There is a mix of seating options including individual lounger-type sofas to stretch out on, computer pods, padded bench seats, and small table areas. 

It was late afternoon when I arrived so the lounge was busy. Aside from a few people inconsiderately watching videos on their phones without headphones it was fairly quiet. There are two “focus spaces” which are small private rooms, available without booking. This was perfect for me to make a phone call without disturbing anyone else. 

A central fireplace, modern art, and wood accents give the WestJet lounge Calgary airport a warm feeling. I did notice some of the fabrics on the chairs and loungers were starting to crack and wear in places. This is a bit surprising given the lounge is not that old, opening in late 2020.

Westjet Lounge Calgary Airport – Food & Drink

Similar to what Air Canada introduced with their Clean Care+ service, food and beverage service is ordered by scanning the QR code at your seat. The selection of hot food items is impressive and all of it looked intriguing. That said, I didn’t order any. I was still overstuffed from my flight but the mac & cheese ordered by the person next to me looked and smelled delicious.

Service was very prompt and staff circulated frequently to clear used plates. The one limitation in the app is there was nowhere to add specifics about your drink – such as “without ice” – but you can also walk up to the bar if what you want isn’t shown. 

Westjet Lounge Calgary Airport – Amenities

As I had several hours for the layover I took advantage of the shower facilities. I had to book an appointment – a 90-minute wait for the next spot – but well worth it. The shower room has a sink, toilet, and large accessible shower stall with body wash and conditioner dispensers.

The room was missing a bench or flat space to layout your bag, so I put my stuff as far away from the shower as possible to avoid any risk of spray. 

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Overall Impression

The Westjet Lounge Calgary Airport seems very comparable to Air Canada’s Maple Leaf lounge. The WestJet Elevation Lounge gets a nod for its quiet rooms, shower facilities, and menu items. A tarmac view would be nice and, something I thought was standard with airport lounges.

Still, if you are flying WestJet’s business class through Calgary, stopping in for a pre-flight drink or shower between connections is a no brainer. Even if you are not flying in business class or flying a different airline, having the option to pay for access is nice, although pricey.

  WestJet Elevation Lounge Good to Know

Includes: Snacks, drinks, WiFi, and shower access.
Don’t Miss: Eyeing your neighbours mac&cheese 😉

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Westjet Lounge Calgary Airport

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