7 Ways to Get Your Exercise On During Your Travels

There’s this idea that when it comes to travel, it’s almost nearly impossible to stay healthy. While it can be a bit difficult when you’re on the go, it’s also very important to remain healthy.  Staying fit on the road can be difficult. It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling temporarily or on a long getaway such as a workation (which can be harder). 

While there are plenty of challenges trying to stay healthy, it’s important to never let your circumstances stand in your way. Sure, there may be times when you’ll have to get a bit creative with your workouts but in the end, it will be completely worth it. So here are some ways that you can get your exercise during your travels.

Choose your accommodation wisely

One of the easiest ways to really give yourself that much-needed push to exercise would be to choose accommodation, such as a hotel that includes a gym or some kind of wellness centre. You can almost always count on four and five-star hotels having these. But while you’re going through the process of looking for hotel searching websites, you usually are able to filter out the hotels in your search that include gyms.

A benefit to getting a hotel with a gym includes the fact that they are often open early and late. You can count on them to have all the basics and even more such as a knockout post. You can also count on your hotel to help you out if you have a special request about the hours.

Try to have a fitness-filled trip

A good way to get your exercise on during your travels is to focus trips on activities. This includes trips that are physical such as hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, or even skiing. This way, you’ll be able to get your workout on but you’ll still have the wonderful chance of getting to have a great travel-filled experience as well.

Try some running

Depending on how much time you have in your busy schedule during your travels, you could always look into running. Running is free, and as long as you know the area that you’re in and know the safest areas to run, you should be fine. However, it’s also very important to be aware of what some of the laws are in the area that you’re in. Some streets and neighbourhoods have curfews.

Depending on the country you’re in, you may have to be wise about the clothing you wear during your runs. One more thing you shouldn’t forget would be to wear something highly reflective. Overall, running can be a great way to stay in shape during your travels but you should also keep in mind that it may not be as easy as it usually is when you’re at home.

Look into streaming video workouts

Another way to get your exercise on during your travels is to take your workouts online. Thanks to the pandemic, video workouts are bigger now more than ever. You can do these in the safety and comfort of your own room. Another benefit to these would be the fact that there are plenty of videos and programs out there that don’t expect you to have equipment on you. While these may not work for everyone, video workouts are very helpful. You can go the free route and look into video workouts on YouTube (as there are plenty of YouTubers with a high reputation).

Alternatively, you could even use one of those on demand workout video streaming services. There are plenty of those floating around online that may just offer exactly what you’re needing. These can cover anything from yoga, all the way to strength training. These can also be filtered by the length of time for the exercise, whether or not you have the equipment, and also the level of difficulty. So take a bit of time out of your day to see what may work best for you.

Look into apps

Just like streaming video workouts have become major due to the current pandemic, it’s also helped out with getting fitness apps more popular.  There are plenty of fitness apps that are out on the market, so if you’re ever wanting to watch videos or look at instructions for effective workouts then this could be a great option for you.

 Just like video on-demand services for exercising, the pricing can vary. Some apps will have a monthly or weekly subscription service, others will have a flat fee for their purchase, in-app purchases, or maybe it’ll be entirely free. It just may take some time and research to find out what may work best for you.

Look into cycling

There are more cities and other tourist destinations that are becoming open to cyclists. There are plenty of cycling tours that are offered whether you’re going to be out in nature or on a city trip. Something else to look into as well would be whether or not your hotel or other accommodation provides bikes for you. 

You can also see if rental bike services are also available for a fair price.  This can be a great way to see your surroundings while you’re still focused on staying active and being in shape. What a perfect combination!

Look into Fitness Meetups

Meetup.com is one of the most popular websites around. This has helped people meet locals of places they’re travelling to but it’s perfect for creating a long-lasting friendship as well with someone. One of the struggles that many people have while travelling is the fact that they don’t have someone there to help them be pushed into exercising.

 This is where meetup.com can help. There are fitness classes available for free or cheap as these can be excellent. However, these are mostly in metropolitan areas.  While there are fitness classes, there are other things offered such as marathon training, tennis, and playing almost any other sport as well. 

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