5 Ways to Create a Passive Income While Living a Nomadic Lifestyle

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Thanks to the digital age, many people are now making a livable income while travelling. Because of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, working remotely and freelance jobs have gone up considerably. Some want to embrace this new nomadic lifestyle but are not sure how to. Here’s how you can with these ways to create a passive income.

Sell the Pictures you Take

First up on this list of ways to create a passive income is selling your photos. You no longer have to sell your pictures through a digital online marketing place such as Shutterstock. People have discovered that some online stock photo companies are taking a massive chunk of their profit and giving them very little in return. The low profits caused photographers to look at other ways to sell their pictures.  

A great way to sell your photos online is through your website. If you do not have one, they are quick and easy to create. Once you have many pictures on your site, start using social media platforms to draw attention to your site. To generate more traffic, you should have a mix of free images and ones to purchase. 


One excellent way to create a passive income is by blogging. You can get clients in a variety of different ways. There are sites set up where companies can create job posts for specific freelancers. On other sites, freelancers can set up their portfolios to attract customers. 

If you have never written before and this idea appeals to you, many writing classes are available. Once you get your blog up and running, another way to earn an income is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply allowing companies to place ads on your blog.  

Invest in Vacation Rental Properties

Throughout your travels, you have seen many places that would be excellent for people wanting to vacation. You can put your knowledge to work for you by looking into getting a loan for a vacation rental property. When you have a vacation rental property, it is like having your own home. When it is empty, you will always have a place to put up your feet if you want to.

If you are considering this option, do your homework. Make sure the destination would appeal to others. You want it in a safe location with amenities individuals would wish to have.

Write Audiobooks

In the last three years, audiobooks have gained quite the following. People love how easy it is to listen to them. You can easily listen to them in your car, when working, and even during exercise. Some people have trouble sitting down to read a book. Audiobooks are the perfect solution for them.

If you are not interested in writing your audiobook, some people would be interested in you writing their audiobook. Many individuals do not have the time to sit and write because they are too busy. The individual will create an outline and give you a general idea of what they want; you will write it for extra cash.  

Sell at the Local Markets

If you are crafty, like to design and make different items, you can quickly increase your income by setting up shop at local markets. When selling items at markets, you can experience the local culture and meet new people. If your favourite thing to do is gardening, people are always looking for fresh fruits and vegetables.

All-natural soaps and beauty products are extremely popular right now. The great thing about them is that they are inexpensive and easy to make. Almost any shop or vendor show you go to, there will be many beauty products available for sale. Another item people are interested in right now is essential oils. These take a bit more work than making beauty products, but they are worth it, and your house will smell amazing. 


The nomadic life is not for everyone. But if it is life for you, there are many ways you can create a passive income while enjoying life on the road. With a bit of creativity and a lot of work, you will be travelling and making money in no time. 

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