Walking Tour of Stockholm

Walking Tour of Stockholm 1

Let me just say this, Stockholm is a beautiful city. It reeks of beauty…it stings the nostrils…but in a good way! The architecture, the canals, the bridges and of course, the women. Sweden is the land of blue eyed bombshells…and I like it.

I arrived late last night after a delayed flight from Athens. It was not that bad as I sat next to a girl from Crete (Greek Island) who convinced me to go there next. I traced on a map of Europe, where I have been and she said that I am very lucky and she is jealous of what I have done. I am very thankfully for this opportunity but reminded her that she has all of this culture and beauty in her backyard and that she, like other Europeans I have met, takes it for granted. Kinda like I take the Rockies or Clair Martin for granted back home.

Self GuidedWalking Tour of Stockholm

Anyway, I spent the entire day touring the city. My guide book had a great walking tour that I followed. Almost everywhere you look there is a park, or benches, or steps that you can just sit and enjoy the surroundings. This is not common in a lot of European cities. Bench space is premium and is usually occupied by the homeless or pigeons…or both. I spent a lot of the day relaxing at the red bricked (8 million or so) city hall. It has a nice courtyard right on the waterfront and it was gorgeous out today. After that I visited the modern art museum and again, I am not one for art but there was some cool stuff there. Very odd but interesting pieces like a fluorescent light display or a huge canvas with only the edges slightly painted. There was also some different stuff by Picasso and Andy Warhol that was interesting. More up my alley was a section on Swedish furniture with an entire warehouse room on those Ikea type funky chairs! My kind of museum.

After that I visited some other historical sights in town such as the Royal palace and Knights Island. Tomorrow I have a nice little Friday planed. I am going to visit a 13 th century Viking ship and maybe the Ikea factory…or home depot, ya know…pick up some flooring, maybe some wall paper. After that maybe bed bath and beyond…I don’t know if there’s enough time though. I may just spend the day with my guitar in one of the many parks before catching the night train to Oslo. Still don’t have a place there so if anyone knows someone in Oslo….

Part of city hall

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  1. Avatarsays: M Wood

    I want more fat shaun! I pay good money to for this site…Could you include actual weight gain throughout the trip as well? You attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch.
    M Wood

  2. Avatarsays: Shaun

    Jon was getting embaresed of me taking pictures of the food we were eating or me stuffing my face. However hearing this I have decided to find the nearest Sweedish meatballs and stuff my face.

    Stay tuned.

  3. Avatarsays: jack

    I agree with you Stockholm is a place where we can enjoy lots of enchanted views and worth seeing surroundings. I must say your interesting travel story recall the memories of my Stockholm tour, when I visited the Royal palace and Knights Island and enjoy its culture and beauty before going with bus from yosemite to las vegas.

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