Visiting the Magic Kingdom 8

Visiting the Magic Kingdom

Disney World really is the most magical place on earth. It is absolutely mind boggling the amount of detail that does into all that is Disney. From sports resort complex we stayed at with its over sized equipment to the costumes and rides to the random New Orleans style marching band that appear out of nowhere and performs. It is mind boggling. So much so that I don’t think that the average child could appreciate it all. I didn’t. I think it scared and confused me which may or may not have contributed to my fear of balloon animals. It is because of this lack of appreciation as a child that I am so excited to be here again. It is going to be a magical couple days.

We started the first day with visiting the Magic Kingdom which is the only park I have been to before. Again, rides that were once amazing had lost there luster but not as much as they did at Universal Studios. We did Pirates of the Caribbean – a must if Visiting the Magic Kingdom – which has been updated with a creepy Johnny Depp look alike robot/figure. So much did it look like him that it prompted thoughts like ” Wow, Johnny Depp must not being doing so well if he is stuck here all day” We then did the Safari ride which wasn’t nearly as bad as the pun-after-pun “driver” I still Love the hippos though. After that it was off to splash Mountain which was one of my favorite and least favorite ride as a child. We had a love/hate relationship if you will. See I didn’t like roller coasters as a kid and I thought I would be safe on the log ride. It is a very deceiving ride. They start you off peacefully floating through a happy play land of cute characters and blue grass music. Splendid. This illusion of well being continues for sometime until you are finally plunged down a steep decline which to an easily frightened 6 year old, seems like your certain demise. I did not expect that and it scared the crap out of me. Fast forward to today and I am loving it.

Once we got a little wet it was time for lunch. This was definitely the highlight of the day for me, if not the entire trip. Erin and I split a whole huge deliciously smoked leg of turkey. It was magical and would do it again when visiting the Magic Kingdom. As we were devouring this stick of meat a parade started up. Erin’s mom was in here happy place and was smiling ear to ear as the Disney characters danced and sang there way past. I didn’t even notice as I was an even bigger kid, nay man, with a huge chunk of meat on a bone. At one point I looked up turkey grease running down my chin and tendon in mouth, and made eye contact with an ever smiling parade dancer. Any other human being would have looked away in utter disgust (as many other patrons did as they past, usually holding their young close as if to say “Don’t eat my child”) but not this twinkle toed chap. He never even broke character. Well played sir.

Once the parade passed and Erin and I had pulled off as much meat as we could stomach we headed to see the Bear Jamboree. Once inside and seated I promptly passed out on Erin’s shoulder as the tripdefan kicked in. In is important to note here that Erin’s father had a full turkey leg to himself. Now there is true role model kids.


After the nap we rode Thunder Mountain which as far as roller coasters go is very tame. Still it is a lot of fun and a must do when visiting the Magic Kingdom. Next up was the Haunted Mansion which is still pretty neat after all these years. I told Erin it was my favorite ride of the day as I stole some kisses in the dark. I then told her that if we had a turkey leg there with us in our dark little private car, well that would have been a little slice of heaven for me. Did I mention I really liked the turkey leg?

One ride that definitely freaked me out a child (and as a grown man) was/is “It’s a small world.” Good God it is one big trip, however I really can appreciate it now as it actually makes some sense. Plus it was cool seeing all the places I visited in creepy doll forum…and I was high. Kidding.

We tried to hit space mountain but the line was ridiculous so we opted for the new-to-us “Lilo and Stick” show which turned out to be very entertaining. It really showed off the newer technologies that are available. Very cool. I even think that Kevin McDonald from “The Kids in the hall” did the voice of one of the characters. I should Google that…yup he was Agent Wendy Pleakley in the movie series. Thank you Wikipedia!

After a long and satisfying day visiting the Magic Kingdom we headed back to our over-the-top sports themed resort for some rest before heading out to Pleasure Island. By the time we got there we were pretty bagged so we settled on an Irish pub for some great food and even better music. Best Irish music I have ever heard although I did miss Ireland on my European tour. Exhausted we headed back and promptly went to sleep after all, we had to do the same thing tomorrow at Animal Kingdom. Life is rough.


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