Tips on Visiting Portofino, Liguria

The sophistication in Portofino, Liguria does not water down the beauty of ancient traces around the town. Overlooking the town is the sea and right behind the town is a dense crop of forest. It is no wonder that this ancient Italian town is frequented by the big names in business, leadership and entertainment.

The houses in Portofino are painted in different colours in bright hues. They are closely stacked against each other to create a profile like that of tiles in a pricey mosaic. It is not easy to miss the picturesque harbour, adorned by luxurious yachts and fishing boats. The water mass that surrounds the promontory is part of the larger sea. This area is a must-see for its status as a marine protected area; so rare and rich is the seabed that must be protected. Some of the treasures that lie beneath the water include seagrass meadows, red coral, sponges, coral, and sea fans. The floor of the sea bears an irregular shape and this provides the perfect environment for unique animal and plant species to hide. To fully enjoy what this beautiful island can offer, you can tour around by renting a yacht charter Italy

If you have been to Portofino, you probably have many pictures of the area and what makes it picture-perfect. Many who visit the place are in pursuit of a lifestyle that is synonymous with the rich and famous. It is just as intriguing to admire the photos of this Italian town on a postcard, or is it worth it travelling across the world for it?

Is Portofino, Italy worth visiting?

Why do you want to go on a tour of Portofino? If you just want to add it to your list of places you’ve seen, then it definitely is worth a visit. For those wanting to experience a new destination, take the ferry from Santa Margherita Ligure to Portofino. It will drop you off on the western side of the port. Disembarking from this area brings you to a beach area that is quite compact. It has a variety of shops, restaurants and streets. Since the port area is quite small and is not ideal for swimming, sit back and enjoy a cappuccino as you watch boats come and go.

What Is There to See in Portofino, Italy?

Have you ever been to a gathering of around 400 people? Like, say, a wedding? Well, that is the entire population of Portofino. Yes, seriously! The advantage of being in such a small space is that you can easily find your way around; the downside is that there are not many things you can do. Even before you settle on Portofino as a place to visit, keep in mind that you will have plenty of time to spend alone. If you are craving some time alone, this might appeal to you. If not, bring a friend or some family along with you. Make this solo trip, a family vacation or better yet a group tour and enjoy Portofino all together. You will be particularly impressed by villa accommodations,  which are quite common in Italy.

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Chiesa di San Giorgio, Portofino

Now that you have somewhere to stay, start your experience in Portofino, by heading up to the Chiesa San Giorgio. From here, bask in views of Portofino. Hint: look over towards the cemetery and enjoy the views. With not that many visitors, this spot is also a great place to enjoy the silence of nature.

Moving on from the Chiesa di San Giorgio, it is hard to miss the lush grounds of the Castello Brown, as well as the castle. Although it was built in the 1400s and looks quite ancient, it is a venue for various grand events, festivals and exhibits. The magnificent gardens have played host to many weddings because of the backdrop. If you keep walking, you can see Portofino’s lighthouse – worth a visit because of the great views that surround it.

Exploring all these nearby sites will enrich your experience of Portofino, however also simply walking the streets is a great way to see the town. If you enjoy adventure, hiking is possible along a few routes. Those who enjoy biking can also find bikes available for rent.

Shopping in Portofino, Liguria

Judging from the calibre of people who come to Portofino every year, it is expected that the boutiques in this area, serve a high-end clientele. Take a turn into the small alleys and this is where Missoni, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Loro Piana, and many other fashion brands have their shops.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Portofino, Italy?

Do you have time to travel around April and May? If you can’t visit during these months, aim for September and October. The population of tourists during these periods are less and you can expect to get undivided attention in many establishments; shops, hotels and restaurants.

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