Visiting Dubai With Your Kids? Here’s What You Need To Know

Dubai, also known as ‘The City of Gold,’ is a major centre of gold trade. It makes up about 29 per cent market share of gold trade in the world. Dubai is also a cultural hot pot with people from all over the world visiting and residing in the city. There is much to love about Dubai and if you are planning a trip or visiting Dubai with kids then we have all the info you will need.

Planning a Trip

If you are planning a trip to Dubai, the best way to enter the city is via air. Dubai airport sees visitors from around the globe by the thousand every day. With so many carriers flying to Dubai,  booking a flight (حجز طيرانis easy.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Dubai?

Dubai is a hot city and this can be uncomfortable for you and your child. Thus the best time to visit the city with your child is during the winter months of November to March when the temperature is comfortably lower.

Currently, the city has restricted entry due to the corona pandemic however you can enjoy the city of Dubai once the city is restored to its usual busy and glitzy self.

What To Pack  If Visiting Dubai with Kids?

Dubai is a large and well-developed city, so there won’t be a shortage of diapers and wipes. However, if visiting Dubai with kids it’s best to prepare. Pack a handful of sanitary products, moisturizers, and lotions etc to protect from the heat.

Kids are usually allowed to dress according to the weather so pack a set of light wear clothes for use.

How To Travel With Children in Dubai?

Dubai is a well-connected city with several transport options ranging from the metro and buses to taxi services. Additionally, the car services in Dubai are top-notch with recent additions to local laws including the addition of a car seat for children below four years.

Dubai traffic, like any major city, will often result in you spending a significant amount of time stuck in traffic. To avoid this hurdle, opt for the metro or book a private bus from bus rental Dubai based companies which are excellent transport means you can safely enjoy with your children.

Adventure Places For Kids In Dubai

Why I Dislike Dubai (& feel bad about it) 5

Dubai as a city is packed with several attractions for you and your child to enjoy. If a thrill is what you seek the rides in adventure land is for you. Perhaps you and your child are more water people, then the Wild Wadi or Aquatis adventure land are for you. If you are up for a spooky adventure then visit the haunted house of Hysteria.

Why I Dislike Dubai (& feel bad about it) 8

Useful Travel Phrases To Know

Of course, the Arabic language cannot be mastered in a matter of days. That said, it helps to know a few useful phrases during your stay.

  • When looking for a direction to a destination, say “raǧāʾ, hal yumkinuka ʾiḫbārī.. (insert destination name)” this means excuse me, could you tell me…?
  • “Ila al-liqa” means goodbye.
  • When buying items, simply point to an item and say, “hadihi min fadlik” which means “this one, please”
  • “Sukran!” means thank you and “sukran gazilan” means thank you very much. It is a nice gesture and expresses your gratitude.
  • If you are in need of an english speaker you can always say “hal yatakallamu ʾaḥaduhum al-ʾinǧlīziyyah ʾaw al-firinsiyyah hunā?” Which means is there anyone who can speak english here.

Historical Places to Visit in Dubai

Why I Dislike Dubai (& feel bad about it) 1

Dubai was once a small gulf port and has since it has developed into a sprawling city. To learn about its unique history you can visit some historical places like the Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest structure. The old town of Dubai a known as Al Bastakiya and is an important site of historical importance and strolling the streets of old Dubai will provide you with a glimpse into the culture and heritage of the city.

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Lifestyle and Culture of Dubai

Making Sense of Dubai Mall Culture 7

The people of Dubai are predominantly Muslim and thus their culture is intertwined with traditional Arab culture. This is very visible in the food they eat, architecture, music, attire and general lifestyle.

Dubai is very hospitable to its guests and you can expect grand treatment during your stay by your Arabic host.

Religious Respect in Dubai

Dubai is a Muslim majority state, however, it is considered to be one of the most liberal states in the Middle East allowing people of other religions except for Judaism to coexist. Visitors are expected to respect the Islamic and Arabic laws of the state and their culture.

Health and Safety in Dubai

Dubai has a good network of hospital and emergency services. However, it is recommended that you check beforehand for any regulations if you are flying from a health risk zone. Other standard health and safety guidelines are to drink plenty of water and avoid staying out in the sun to avoid heatstroke.

What to Eat in Dubai for Kids

Aside from the traditional cuisines and eateries of Dubai, almost every major food chain is available. Subway, KFC and McDonalds are just a few options for you and your child. There are also several kid-friendly restaurants spread out in the city which are designed especially with children in mind.

Shopping Places in Dubai

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Dubai is home to several malls. It truly is a shopping haven for people who love to shop. Malls like The Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates or the Wafi Mall are famous malls visited by several thousand people each year.

Dubai is also home to several traditional markets which deal in several traditional Arabic wares.

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Kid-Friendly Hotels in Dubai

Due to a large number of tourists, visiting Dubai with kids is not an issue with accommodation options. Hotels like the Atlantis, Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf or the Palace At One&Only are famous for being comfortable, with good services and being kid-friendly. You can start by finding flight services like Saudi Arabian Airlines(الخطوط السعودية) and book your trip.

Dubai is a great place to visit. It’s a land rich in culture and history. In the modern world, it is one of the most developed and advanced cities. Visiting Dubai will surely leave you spellbound. 

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