The Rock – Visiting Alcatraz

The Rock - Visiting Alcatraz 6

The Rock – Visiting Alcatraz

My newlywed friends the Fiddler’s were making the most out of their Air Canada flight passes and decided to meet up with us in San Fransisco…for the day. Having little time to tour a town is nothing new to Erin and I. We made the most of our time by starting the day with a trolley ride to the wharf. From their we walked down to pier 33 where we caught the ferry to Alcatraz.

Visiting Alcatraz is something else. There is a self guided tour that gives history and stories as told from past guards and inmates. The story of the only 3 escapees is an incredible one. Over a span of a year or so, 3 inmates created fake paper machete heads out of soap, toilet paper and real hair. The heads are on display and are definitely convincing, so much so that it got them a 7 hour + head start. Visiting Alcatraz is a must do when in the Bay area.

After the tour we took the boat back to the wharf and headed to the Aquarium. Again, the aquarium in Boston has it beat. We continued on to Pier 39 which is a huge tourist trap, kinda like Niagara Falls. We ate some seafood there before heading back to the hostel…but not before stopping at some more shops on Powell street.

The Next day we said our good byes to the Fiddler’s and headed down to the wharf for breakfast. Last day in San Fransisco, best we make the most of it…


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