Vegas to home reno's 5

It’s some what sad that my post’s have gone from cool trips to home reno’s but that’s how it goes when the funds are gone. This is however a part of working towards those kind of trips again.

Now that my backyard is destroyed I have naturally moved onto another project. I have been criticized for starting something and not finishing it the past and this time is no different. As I came to the realization that I do not know what to do with my backyard I moved on to finishing my basement. My first project is the stairs; this is one project I will see through. After that I’m going to contact Imperial Building & Roofing Co to get an estimate on refinishing the entire basement.

The cheapest solution would be to lay linoleum but seeing as flooring manufactures discontinue products every year I could not match what I had in the landing. So for 5x the price I decided to tile. Awesome. It will look sharp though I was concerned about the give in my old stairs so I first put down underlay to adsorb some of the movement and then re-enforced the risers and runners with screws. Now even Mike can not make them move.

Here are some before and after shots:

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