5.5 hours the following Saturday got me quaterfinals, qualifications hockey and a Canada curling match. Not the best but happy with what I got. Too bad I work during each of these games…minor details…

Three hours, 2 iPhones and 1 laptop = crippled thumbs and an overall unhappy Shaun.

Today at 10:00 am PST the Vancouver Olympic committee entered its 3rd and final phase of ticket sales for all remaining tickets for the 2010 games. As expected the demand for this last batch of tickets is overwhelming. So overwhelming that the the website is inaccessible and phones are a steady busy signal. Reading other online posts people are reporting the website is not set up properly and redirecting eager buyers to the wrong places. Even the phones seem wrong as I have had numerous recorded message saying that office hours are closed…which on a day like this they most certainly are not.

And so I re-dial and I refresh…

updates to follow including some seriously backdated posts.


Dear VANOC, I would like 3.5 hours of my hard-to-come-by time off back…and Men’s Gold medal hockey tickets.

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