Using Wi-Fi Access for the Best In-flight Entertainment

Today’s air travel enthusiasts never need to miss a beat when it comes to viewing top entertainment while flying. The days of watching the same in-flight movie with the rest of the passengers (and needing to buy and use those questionable headphones) are long gone. Thanks to Wi-Fi availability, you can stay connected to your favorite movies, shows, music or audiobook while traveling the sky. Read on for the best in-flight Entertainment access possible, your own.

Quickly and Simply Connect

If you haven’t heard about Gogo yet, you are going to love this. Gogo is a satellite-based Wi-Fi service tailored to the needs of global air travelers who rely heavily on smartphones for each trip.

Along with your cell phone carrier and cooperating airlines, Gogo provides stellar connectivity that combines the best in portal services for reliable internet connections and low-bandwidth messaging capabilities like iMessage and WhatsApp. Mobile phone carriers like T-Mobile offer unlimited texting and one-hour of free Gogo Wi-Fi as part of their cellular plans.

What Types of Smartphones Can You Use?

Whether you are a die-hard Apple devotee or an Android enthusiast, you can use your smartphone to power up Gogo while in the air. Connect via your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the Apple iPhone 8 Plus of any of the older models of these ever-dependable and entertainment-friendly brands. Don’t worry, your LG, Motorola, Coolpad, and Kyocera can get the job done, too. All you need to do is keep your smartphone close, and get ready for a truly uplifting takeoff.

Take Advantage of Even More Benefits of Gogo

Combining the best in cellular service and internet connectivity, you are set for what may be your most relaxing and entertaining flight ever. In addition to your own apps, Gogo offers unique content through Gogo Vision where you can find localized TV shows and movies, which means you don’t need Wi-Fi to access them. Use this service to tailor your options to your preferences.

Explore a few additional entertainment options you can find on a variety of flights:

  • Seat-to-seat chat systems
  • Seat-back credit card terminals to allow for a single swipe to open a bar tab
  • Electrical outlets for each seat or row

There is little keeping frequent flyers entertained these days, so check with your airline before your next long journey to make sure you can stay connected to keep in touch with your friends, family, and favorite entertainment.


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