Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge Antalya Airport Review

CIP Antalya lounge

My tour of the Middle East continues with a visit to Antalya, Turkey. This is a very popular tourist destination thanks to its Mediterranean location, ancient Greek ruins, waterfalls, and charming old town. As such, I had high expectations for the Turkish Airlines CIP lounge Antalya. How does it rank? Let’s find out.

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Where is the CIP Lounge Antalya Located?

As I was flying to Istanbul before connecting on I was departing Antalya from the smaller domestic terminal. As such, I wasn’t expecting much from the lounge and service.

I arrived at the check-in counter and, to my surprise, found a dedicated business class area. I was waved over by an attendant to scan my ticket then pointed me around the corner. Confused, she walked me over to the dedicated business class room which included three check-in counters and a dedicated security right there. Now that’s convenient.

Once checked in, the elevator on the other side of security takes you up to the departure level. Another flight up and you are at the Antalya SIP Turkish Air lounge.

How are the Amenities at the CIP Lounge Antalya Airport?

CIP Lounge Antalya

As expected, the lounge is pretty basic. It’s on par with the Plaza Premium domestic lounges that I have been to or even the Al Dhabi Lounge in Abu Dhabi. Again, no surprise here however with the ridiculousness of the IST lounge, I was hoping for more from their smaller locations.

Amenities are limited to a couple of TVs, a prayer room, and a strangely large business centre. Next to that, there is a charging bank for cellular devices. Turkish Air does offer access to a massive catalogue of online newspapers and magazines similar to what Air Canada has at their Maple Leaf lounges.

Seating in the lounge is similar throughout with beige leather couches and chairs which line the windows overlooking the boarding areas below. There are a few small dining tables next to the kitchen as well.

Internet access is done through your last name and ticket number. I did not fuss with this though as I had plenty of data left on my Airelo Sim card which gave me speedy 4G service throughout my visit.

Although amenities are limited at the CIP Lounge Antalya, you do get access to the Turkish Airlines entertainment app before boarding. This includes hundreds of movies and TV shows available to stream which is great.

What Is the Food and Drink Like at the CIP Lounge Antalya?

CIP Lounge Antalya

I was flying out early AM so meal service was limited at the CIP lounge in Antalya. Although they had chafing dishes out, only cold cereals, olives and cheeses, and small packaged sandwiches were available. There are a few different types of coffee machines though. I rolled the dice on the espresso and got a Turkish coffee-like drink which I really enjoyed.

Although I was a little let down by the food at the CIP lounge Antalya, I was going to get my meal on my flight. As mentioned, Turkish Airlines offers some of the best food in the skies in my opinion so was happy to save my calories for that.

CIP Lounge Antalya

CIP Lounge Antalya Conclusion

Although nowhere near the bar Turkish Airlines sets with its flagship IST lounge, the Antalya CIP lounge offers a quiet area to relax before taking off. With 1/3 of the tourists visiting Turkey stopping in Antalya, the airport is very busy, even in the early a.m. The business class lounge, however, was a quiet oasis above it all.

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Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge Antalya Airport ReviewTurkish Airlines CIP Lounge Antalya Airport Review

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