Travelling in Your 30’s vs. 20’s

Travelling in your 30’s is a little different than travelling in your 20’s. In your 20’s you feel risk-free, that life is an adventure and you’re along for the ride, that you never want to slow down and everything is exciting. In your 30’s things may start to change. We’re in a different stage of life and we want to still have amazing experiences but we want to make sure we aren’t taking them for granted.

Slow Down and Breath

Travelling in your 30’s isn’t so different from travelling in your 20’s but there are a few key differences. You may need a bit of a breather between travelling. You want to travel but you also want to create your own home, rather than moving from place to place and not having your own space. Notice this difference and realise its ok to take a breather from travel every now and then to work on yourself and your home. When you’re travelling, don’t take things you did in your 20’s for granted. Stop and smell the roses and all of those cliché sayings.

  • Take photos to remember your trip
  • But don’t take too many, you want to stay in the moment and embrace the excitement of travel as well
  • Take a break when you need one
  • Continue to take risks like bungee jumping in New Zealand but appreciate what’s holding you back, fear is there for a reason

Pack it in

Travelling in your 30’s can be a bit of a battle. On the one hand you need to slow down and breathe, as above and on the other hand you feel like time is running out and you need to pack in as much travelling as possible before it’s time to settle down. While there’s absolutely no need to slow down if you don’t want to, you should also pack in as much travelling as possible. I hate to say it, but it’s only common sense to know that travelling gets harder as you age. Yes, we’re not at that stage of life yet but as more and more people start families later in life, your 30s are more likely to be packed full of family obligation than they ever have been in the past. That’s why you should pack in all the trips you can into your 30s.

Travelling around Australia? Get a car and take a road trip to see as many sites as you can. There’s something about travelling in your 30’s that screams, now or never. It’s like your biological travel clock is ticking. But don’t worry, it’s not. Try to embrace the feeling and pack in as much travel as you can, without feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Travelling in France? Stay in a romantic villa and spend your days walking around the city to experience it like the locals do. Then, pack your bags and hop on a plane to the Maldives and soak up the ocean air as you wind down at the beach.

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