Travel Insurance Credit Cards: What are Their Pros and Limitation

Many premium credit cards come with complimentary insurance travel coverage. For a traveller who likes safety and predictable support in the face of emergencies, a travel credit card with this facility comes in handy. But it is necessary to note the irrespective of the company that issues the travel credit card, all cards have their benefits and limitations. Therefore, it is prudent to know the two sides of the coin before opting for any of them. That is why we have compiled this post to give you the information you need to make the right choice.

The Pros

This section discusses the pros of using these cards. Here are some of the leading ones.

  • Saves Time and Cash

With travel insurance accompanying your card, you can save time and money when you run into abrupt situations that require impromptu travelling since you will not need to organize for an external insurance cover.

  • It Covers Your Family

These days, it is normal for most credit cards to offer insurance to cover your spouses and any dependent who may be accompanying you on your trip as long as they meet the activation requirements of your best travel card policy.

●           Limitations

This section is specifically dedicated to the limitations of these credit cards which every cardholder should consider in advance.

  • It Covers Cash

Another pro for these travel cards is that their insurance policies cover up to $500 cash per head and a maximum of $1000 for a family. However, the amount of cash covered differs depending on the issuing company.

  • It Covers Luggage and Personal Stuff

Also, you can benefit from these cards since they provide a higher level of covering your luggage and personal belongings compared to what an individual policy could have done. However, many of them do not cover your items if you lose them in public places or unmanned vehicles.

  • It Covers Accidents

A good credit card insurance will also provide you with higher levels of cover should you incur injuries or die when travelling abroad.

  • Costly

The first limitation of these cards is the cost that goes with them. A good travel credit card with complimentary travel insurance comes with a higher annual fee. Additionally, some issuers require you to use the card to pay for a certain percentage of the trip to activate the insurance.

  • Beneficial for Frequent Traveling

If you do not travel frequently, then these cards will not benefit you much given that the annual fee you pay will overshadow the value of the insurance cover. Therefore, you have to consider the frequency of your travel schedule or you could as well opt for a normal insurance policy.

  • Pre-existing Medical Conditions

The last limitation of these cards is that they don’t cover pre-existing medical cases such as ulcers.


The best travel credit cards come with a complimentary insurance cover. It is therefore important to know their benefits and limitations before opting for them. We believe that the insights we have shared here will help you in making the best choice.


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