Travel Essentials (banana hammock not shown)

Travel Essentials (banana hammock not shown) 1

Travel Essentials (banana hammock not shown)

The only things I need. On the left is a Washburn Rover travel guitar that my father got me.
It just may be my ticket home (Thanks Dad). Not bad sound for such a small box. It does have a full neck which is nice but also adds that much more to my bag. Hauling it around may be interesting. My pack is being altered to fit it better – I will post a pic when its done.

On the right is my new Creative Zen Vision: M MP3 player. It may look like an iPod but it is so much more. I almost caved and bought an iPod video but could not give in to that non-sense and (well marketed) hype. $50 for a dinky Ipod case? no thanks.


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  2. Avatarsays: Jordan Hall

    I’m thinking about the surface instead of iPad for all the same reasons Shaun points out in his review of his. Good to hear the iPad is worth taking traveling. Just too $$ for me!

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