Travel Bucket List: The Natural Beauty of Australia

Most of us have a travel bucket list. It’s rare that we visit every place on them but it is important to see the world, try new things, and be immersed in cultures other than our own. One such popular travel destination is Australia. For all the reasons to visit this sunny year-round destination, its natural beauty stands out above the rest. Here is our list of the best Natural Beauty of Australia:

Gorgeous Beaches

Australia is a nature powerhouse. Even for those who do not commonly immerse themselves in nature will find it hard to leave the pristine beaches and the most incredible diving you’ll ever experience. Famous for its beaches, you’ll have several beach days and never visit the same one twice. Don’t miss the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.

The Wildlife

Now, be careful to view the incredibly diverse animal life of Australia from a distance. From crocodiles to kangaroos, you’ll find both natural wildlife and how it is contained at such famous sights as the Australia Zoo in Queensland. If you decide to snorkel or go diving, choose the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. There you will find sharks and manta rays to turtles, sea stars, and bright coral.

You may find yourself heading down to the Cape Tribulation, which is where the rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef.  When you lose yourself in Australia’s natural beauty, you will truly appreciate being in the middle of nowhere.

Natural Monuments

More than just a place to show off your new swimsuit, you’ll find several other incredible natural sights in Australia. The Kimberley in Western Australia is best viewed with a helicopter ride. The rugged terrain, still speckled generously with lush flora and fauna, can also be seen from the Purnululu National Park.

You can also spend a day at the Kakadu National Park in Northern Australia. It is home to many animal species as well as spectacular natural sights. Visit and learn about various natural habitats, such as wetlands and woodlands. While you’re in the North, don’t forget to visit the Uluru – a sandstone rock that is among the most famous attractions in the country. Its unspoiled natural prowess in Australian history remains powerful.

The Cities Are Alright Too

You do not have to simply sit around and enjoy the sun and the beach. Australia is also buzzing with incredible and ever-changing city life. Sydney, Australia has long been a popular tourist spot internationally, and for good reason. This gorgeous city is set apart from the rest with its iconic Sydney Opera House, the adorable Koala Park, and Bondi Beach. And as Sydney is the country’s most populous city, you’ll meet enough interesting people for an entire lifetime.

Oh, you are moving to Australia now? We thought so. Once you complete your bucket list and spend a few weeks down under, you’ll find that the visit is better as a permanent move. This gorgeous continent has friendly people, inviting landscape, and is more than enough to keep the most adventurous spirits at bay.

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