Top Five: Best Montreal Attractions According To JustFly

Ah, la belle province! Montreal, Quebec is one of Canada’s most interesting cities. Its unique blend of English and French heritage encapsulates Canada’s bilingual upbringing. Predating the existence of Canada, Montreal has been stewing away, brewing into a timeless city that has more in common visually with a city in France, than a tried and tested Canadian city like Toronto, Ontario. With all that said, it is obvious that a trip to the Great White North must include a visit to Montreal. In order to track down some of the best attractions in the city, I reached out to JustFly, an online travel company. They gave me their top five things you can’t miss if you make your way to Montreal, Quebec.

 The Old Port

Montreal’s historical labyrinth of museums, shops, and cobblestone streets, The Old Port is a very family-friendly tourist destination in Montreal according to JustFly’s review. Located along the Saint Lawrence waterfront, The Old Port is the eldest part of the city of Montreal. It dates back centuries as a fur trading post. While the area has grown to be a haven for shops, street performers, and great food, it also features some of Montreal’s oldest architecture and churches.

Best Montreal Attractions
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 The Plateau

Another must-see neighbourhood in Montreal is The Plateau. It has the largest concentration of young adults of any neighbourhood in Canada and is is the centre of Montreal’s art universe. In addition to being a haven for creatives, this area is blessed with numerous cafes, restaurants, bars, and shops featuring unique one of kind items. Lastly, if parks are your thing, The Plateau sits between Parc Mont-Royal and Parc LaFontaine, two of Montreal’s best parks.

La Ronde

Montreal’s island theme park, La Ronde is home to some of Canada’s best roller coasters and thrill rides. Featuring many wooden coasters, the highlight is their newest big addition. Added in 2006, Goliath was the largest coaster in Canada at the time of its completion. Reaching heights of 53 metres, Goliath can reach top speeds of 110 kilometres per hour. The park is near Parc Jean Drapeau, home of some of Montreal’s biggest festivals Like Osheaga and Heavy MTL.

Best Montreal Attractions
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Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts

The Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts is an absolute must-see. Now time for the shocker, a visit to this museum’s permanent collection is 100% free. While travelling exhibits do cost a little extra, you can walk in and walk out without dropping a dime.

Best Montreal Attractions
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The Biodome

A massive ecosystem simulator, The Biodome is a great place to learn about nature and wildlife. While in the Summer it’s great to visit, JustFly recommends swinging by in the black heart of a Montreal Winter to grab some rays and warm up as you take your time through the simulated rainforest within The Biodome.

Best Montreal Attractions
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This guest post on the Best Montreal Attractions is brought to you by JustFly, a travel booking founded by software engineers from Montreal, Canada.

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