The Top Canyons in The World You Should Check Out

You have heard of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, but what of the other top canyons in the world? There are several canyons across the globe that demand attention. Don’t know where these natural beauties are? Read on for this great list of tops Canyons in the world not named “Grand” but are still well worth checking out!

Colca Canyon

You will have to head to Peru for the first entry on these top canyons of the world list. Colca Canyon is known as one of the world’s deepest canyons with a depth of 3270m. You can witness the natural splendour with the sun setting in the horizon while you feast your eyes at the light breaking on the surface of the cliffside. Few people have made it to Colca as the heights are extraordinarily overwhelming for canyon hikers, trekkers, and climbers.

Waimea Canyon

Hawaii is a dream come true, isn’t it? The perfect beaches and the ideal landscape. Matching the climate, different locations offer various exotic experiences and memories to make. You can discover some of the top moments of your life spent in Kauai, Hawaii when you visit the Waimea Canyon State Park. Hawaii is a collection of magical islands, and Kauai is the fourth largest one in the region hosting the green, intimidating, and daunting Waimea Canyon.

Verdon Gorge

Take to France, for the next entry on these top canyons in the world list.  Verdon Gorge, one of the most visited European sites, is a great canyon made of limestone walls that extend up to 400m from the ground. With a majestic teal river flowing through it, this canyon has attracted many visitors for its natural beauty.

Blyde River Canyon

Geological beauty is not hard to find in South Africa, but the Blyde River Canyon is still referred to as its most beautiful canyon. At 25km long and 750m deep, it is one of the biggest canyons in the world. However, the thing that attracts everyone to see this magical wonder is the rich greenery and odd pothole pools. It’s unlike anything anywhere on Earth.

Fish River Canyon

Last up on this list of the top canyons in the world you need to visit is Fish River Canyon in Namibia. Although temperatures rise to almost 40 degrees on sunny days, it is worth the long trip getting there. The nearly 90-kilometre trail in the Fish River Canyon that takes hikers almost five days to complete.

Canyon Safe

Canyons and mountain ranges are beautiful places but at the same time, hazardous with risky locations to get yourself stuck or lost in. Make sure you have the necessary help you may need to keep yourself safe. Read up flexispy reviews to see what’s new in tech apps that can help you stay safe during travels. Moreover, do not forget to enjoy your trip.

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