Top 5 Tourism Jobs for Students

A big percent of students choose to work while in college. However, for those, who want to combine traveling and rest with earning, the best options are tourism jobs. They are available during the summer break or all year round. Working in tourism helps to meet new people, expand knowledge and train communication skills. Whether the tuition is high or they just want to have extra cash, they are looking for new opportunities. Here are the top 5 amazing jobs for students in tourisim.

1. Working as a Tour Guide

First up on this list of jobs for students is being a tour guide. There is a demand for this position almost anywhere. It is great to guide tourists in your home town or abroad. Tour guide salary varies from town to town, but it is approximately $50-150 per day. The benefit is that one can get tips. This job doesn’t usually require any special education, except a high school diploma. However, any additional knowledge related to the tour is always welcomed. The most popular tours are those with a special, creative program. Tourists like to get familiar with the facts they could not read in Wikipedia or other online resources. In that case to attract more tourists and as a result, increase your income. It would be good to research online. A lot of tour guides usually use such helpers googling write my essay for me about secret facts of Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls or Saint Louis Arch, for example. With a well-written and polished tour program, you will definitely earn more even if you are a newcomer.

There is also demand for international tour guide jobs, one might check them out sites like Indeed. They require knowledge of languages, the possibility to travel abroad, and some experience in the field.

2. Jobs at Resorts or Amusement Parks

Every summer theme parks and resorts open positions for all kinds of workers. They need staff for parking, sales, cashiers, technicians to operate machinery, hospitality managers, cleaners, etc. Basically, any type of employment is available. They gladly take students as the majority of jobs are seasonal. The main benefits are the flexible schedule and lots of fun. It is a perfect job for those, who love crowds and communication. The salary rates vary in the range of $8-11 per hour.

The resorts provide higher salaries but require more work. One can work as a front desk manager, waiter, entertainer, etc. The benefit of a resort is that one is staying in an amazing place. There is time to rest and explore everything in the area.

Photo By Anete Lūsiņa

3. Cruise Ships

This is an amazing position for adventurous people. If you want to see the world and get paid while doing it, this is for you. Cruise ships offer a great range of positions, from waiters to performers. The majority of positions do not require special education. The benefits are traveling and meeting people from different backgrounds. However, the salary is not great – it is approximately $13 per hour and the shifts are usually for a full day. The work is also pretty hard.

4. Helping at Concerts and Festivals

Summertime is also a perfect period for different events. Students may apply for a waiter or helping staff positions. They also can work at concerts and festivals. The payment here might not be the largest, but one can see amazing performers for free. There is also a great demand for catering assistants in the summer due to the increasing numbers of weddings. The main benefits are the flexibility of schedule and the events themselves. The approximate payment is $7-9 per hour. Another advantage is that such jobs do not require special training.

Photo By Vonecia Carswell

5. Travel Agent Assistant

This position is great for students majoring in tourism. First of all, it is a real-life practice. Secondly, there are many advantages. There is an opportunity to work fixed hours, a stable salary and possible corporate traveling benefits. An assistant helps agents with documents, calls, reception of clients, etc. They can also provide research on ecotourism examples or benefits.


Working in tourism and hospitality is amazing for students. There are plenty of positions of any kind, flexible schedules and opportunity to travel. These jobs include communication and exploring the world. Whether students want to travel and earn or make carrier in the fields, these positions can become a great start.

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